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Let it snow let it snow let it snow


Savannah has had some pretty amazing teachers over the last 3 years at Calvary and each year when I think they can’t get any better they do. This year has been a whirlwind of learning and fun projects. She has been star of the week, Shared different chores such as line leader, lunchbox helper, chair stacker and my favorite on vacation helper which basically means you can sit back and relax unless someone is out..

As I said this year has been pretty awesome there are 7 of her classmates from last year that are in her class and of course her bff Lexi is there. One of the newer boys in the class is Devin. Devin has stolen the hearts of several girls in our class namely Savannah. She tell’s me all the time Devin is her boyfriend and she is going to kiss him when she get’s big. I’m thinking to myself already?? boys already?? Luckily Devin’s mom ROCKS and is very understanding of my dear daughters love for her son. haha..

Each day the kids break off in groups and play together Savannah and Alexis don’t get to be together in group because they are bff’s and play too much together or so I was told by miss Savannah. Last week Savannah came home and told me (with a dreamy look in her eye’s) that Devin was in her group and they played (Tangled) which if you don’t know is the updated version of Rapunzel from Disney. So I asked her a few more questions about her group and she happily told me “I was Tangled, Devin was Flynn Ryder & Alexis was the Horse.” I died but I also felt Alexis was getting the short end of the stick and asked her if Alexis wanted to be the horse and she said “YES” she did she was my friend” and trust me she is her BEST friend. They have been in the same pre-school class since they were 2 and Savannah LOVES her to death.. Not many days go by when I am not asked “well is Alexis gonna be there or is Alexis gonna wear that”.. They say if a friendship last 7 years then it will last a lifetime.. I am going to do my best to make sure she knows this little girl a lifetime.

Today at preschool Savannah came out SUPER excited. The Miss Robyn & Miss Lynn had given them a potion to help them create snow and it went a little something like this..
1. Put Ice Cubes in the toilet
2. Put a spoon (that they made in class) under your pillow
4. Sleep with the penguin Miss Lynn sent home
5. Put your PJ’s on Backwards.

I’m half kinda hoping it will snow because she will be so disappointed if it doesn’t.

Let it Snow Let it Snow

Let it Snow Let it Snow

Oh and one more before I sign off Savannah has been learning about Indians at school this week.. When she sang this song and I replied aww.. they shot the buffalo and bears.. she said “it’s ok it was for their food”..

Day 2 — Back on Schedule


Ok it’s only Tuesday and I am exhausted.   Savannah went back to Dance Class this morning and Loved it of course.  Although I think the only reason she really loves it is because she get’s candy at the end if she’s good. haha.

I dropped Savannah and Mercy off at dance and ran to pick up the paint for Savannah’s room.  She has decided she want’s a princess room and it needs to be pink.  So we are off and running with that project.  Pottery Barn Kids look out.

After nap Savannah went back to the Dance Studio for tumbling.  It was a crazy madhouse in there.  I have never seen so many “Dance Mom’s” in one place. WOW.  So I quietly found a corner and sat for 30min while priss got her tumbling on.

My motto is keep her busy and she will get in less trouble.  I am hoping by the time she turns 4 she will narrow down her extra curricular activities and find one she really LOVES.  My guess is gonna be Gymnastics.  We will see.

I’m off to bed I’m sleeping and my shoulder hurts.  Looks like that rotator-cuff surgery is going to happen wether I want it to or not.

Good Night


Savannah smiles


I think I have the happiest baby ever. I mean don’t get me wrong she will whip out the tears when her daddy tells her no but I cannot remember a day that she has not woke up with a smile on her face. This kid loves life and her mommy, a lot, right now. Lol. It’s so cool to have someone who wants to be with you all the time. And thinks you are the greatest person ever. I’m blogging about this now because I know one day I will be the worst person ever and I am savoring this time haha.

Savannah had pre-school on Tuesday and she’s turned into an old pro. Walks right in and loves it. She did cry at pick-up but miss Mary ann said it was because I wasn’t the first mommy there.

My bible study group met for breakfast this morning. What a nice group of women. I am really enjoying getting to know them.

Wednesday swim class was awesome. Savannah was soo excited to go. I think because we missed the previous week. She is such a water bug.

Thursday was a good drop off and pick up day. No tears and she used the potty at school. Yea!! When we were walking into school this morning a baby passed by and she said “awww look at the pretty baby” with a huge big smile on her face. She is so funny. Daddy started his golf tournament tonight so priss and I had dinner with NiNi.  I thought it would be a good idea to walk up to her house and to get us and Jessi some fresh air and exercise.  We hung out and NiNi fixed us pasta to eat.  I don’t think she was planning on preparing dinner but she’s always a good host.  NiNi and I were chatting in the kitchen when we noticed priss had disappeared.  Lisa went to look for her and it wasn’t long before I heard hahaha. Oh My Gosh come look at your daughter…  I walked into Lisa’s bedroom and Savannah had stripped down and gotten into her tub and insisted on taking a bath.  omg she is crazy..  We laughed so hard.  And of course NiNi let her take a bath.  So on the walk home I prayed she didn’t pee.  Since I didn’t bring any extra pull-ups.  ugh.. We made it.

Friday..rise and shine..  Funny how when you have kids the days just kinda run into each other and Friday really is no more exciting than Monday..  Any whoo Savannah had her Noah’s Art class..  I thought I would try to change it up a little bit and let her experience something new.  She had My Gym down pat.  It was cool to because her friend Connor (from swim class) was there.. It was nice to see Kristen again.  So I dropped Savannah and Mercy off at Noah’s Art and headed to Starbucks because I missed out on my morning coffee.  After a quick jaunt over there I was back at Noah’s Art and the first thing Savannah said was “did you bring me a snack?” lol  No.. Sorry…  I think she liked the class ok we’ll see how the next one goes.. I’m really looking forward to DANCE class in January..  After nap time I took Savannah to get her Nails polished.  And from now on we will only be doing the Toes.. She picks the polish off her nails..ARRGGGG…Next it was on to dinner with NiNi and Brooke.. We opted for pizza cause I was craving it..  I suggested a restaurant around the corner nothing fancy cause mama was still in yoga clothes.  It was pretty good.  During dinner Savannah said she had to go potty so as I lift her up to take her she looks back at Brooke and says “we’ll be right back. Don’t worry.”  hahaha.. Brooke looked at her and giggled and said OK…hahha where does she get this stuff..  after dinner we headed home to see Daddy and then off to bed.  Ballantyne festival on Saturday with the Franck’s..


Apple Party


Happy Thursday!!

We have just finished a full month pre-school and we are tear free at drop off and pick up.. Yay Savannah…

Her class had an apple party today.  This month they have introduced the color red and I guess since apples tend to be red they had an apple party.  Everyone was to wear red.  And being the fashionista of the house she had to have something with apples on it.  Just let me tell you how are it is to find a cute anything with apples on it.  Thank goodness for Etsy.. I found a super cute skirt with apples that was made and delivered by Tuesday.. Thanks www.etsy.com/shop/sassyjanes . Check our her stuff it’s great.

As we walked into pre-school one of the teachers from another class stopped and said Hi Savannah..she explained she was the teacher from next door she just loved Savannah.  I think that is Awesome that a teacher from another class knows who she is hopefully she is noticed by her manners and sweet smile.

After pick up today we headed to the grocery store to pick up dinner. Lasagna night..  Yum. It turned out great! If I may say so myself.  Savannah didn’t really care for it but I don’t think she cares for beef..  She doesn’t like hamburgers or spaghetti with meat sauce sooo maybe not a beef eater time will tell.

Nothing to exciting today..When I asked Miss Mary Ann if Savannah used the potty she said yes they tried and Savannah had to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star to her while she was on the potty..hahaha Gotta love it.