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Charlotte Christian Knight Lifer Class of 2028


Today was parent teacher conference day with Charlotte Christian to see if Savannah would make the cut for Junior Kindergarten in the fall of 2014. I have to say I was a little nervous but for some reason I was relaxed. I have always felt that God has great plans for Savannah and that maybe why the calm overcame my nervousness.

Not only did she do well in her assessment she did EXCELLENT. They said that academically she would be ready for Kindergarten but tires quicker and there are a few things that with age she will catch onto.. with that in mind she will be headed to Junior Kindergarten.. So Savannah will be a member of the Charlotte Christian Knights Class of 2028!!

I think she is excited to start this new Journey too!!

Ready For Junior Kindergarten

Ready For Junior Kindergarten

End of Year celebration 2013


Wow.. I can’t believe the end of the school year is already here.. It has been an amazing year. Savannah has had to of the most awesome teachers and we are sad to be leaving them.. I sure hope the teachers she has next year can live up to our expectations. Ms. Kelly & Ms. Holly has set the bar high.  Today the kid’s celebrated their year by have a party.  It was supposed to be a water park party but alas the weather had other plans for us.  We stayed in the gym and I don’t think they minded one bit.

Trying to pop the balloon

Trying to pop the balloon

Face Painting

Not a party till the face painting starts

Even Ms Kelly got in on the fun.

Ms. Kelly Rocks

Savannah Jaymes

Catching Air





Well we have finally hit the Why stage and let me tell you WHY this will drive you crazy if you haven’t reached this stage yet.

1. It will take you forever to get to the end of a book.  I recommend getting “The interrupting Chicken” by: David Ezra Stein just to maybe give them an idea of what they are doing. It won’t help but you can try. haha

2.  It starts when they wake up and doesn’t end till they go to sleep.

3. No matter how you answer the question it will always be followed by a question.

I mean literally these changes happen over night.  It’s crazy. I think I am going to ask her Pre-School teacher to please answer all her question before I pick her up. haha  Oh and did I mention our nap time seems to be getting shorter.. OHHHH KNOW..

But seriously I love to watch Savannah grow and change and all the great things she does.  I am continually in awe of the things she says.  Yesterday we were walking the dog and she was running and I told her not to run and she replied “God will protect me from boo boo’s”.   Ok can’t argue with that.

Today she had swim class and she floated on her back for the first time!!  I was so proud of her.  I also realized that she has a Major crush on her previous swim instructor Mr. Stuart.  She ask them to go get him every time we go to class. It’s so sweet.

After Swim class we always go to CFA & Miss Heather, Adam & Baby Jake are our dates.  Savannah and Adam have been going to swim class together for about 2 years and now they go to the same pre-school.  Unfortunately they are not in the same class but they do get to see each other quite a bit.  Here they are enjoying their ice cream today at CFA.

Savannah & Adam 2012






Back to pre-school tomorrow and a birthday party this weekend!!  Never a dull moment!


Savannah Jaymes Parker








Oh and I want to say WELCOME HOME TYLER!!  He is on his way home from Afghanistan and I know is family is extremely happy about it as am I.  LOVE you Tyler.

Our Handsome Soldier Tyler!



Last day of pre-school


Well we made it!!  I can’t believe this is the last day of pre-school…  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was prying her off my leg trying to get her to go in crying hysterically. As I, myself, stood outside the door with my own tears streaming down.  I had a mom walk by and put her hand on my shoulder and say “it will be ok mom”.  Wow it was so hard.  I’m sure the teachers were rolling their eyes.  After all they do this every year and they know the kids will adjust in a few weeks.  And she did.  Now she LOVES her pre-school and all her friends.  I hope the transition to a new class with new friends goes better when she starts back. I am sure she will continue to grow and mature at her school.  They are truly amazing there.  Now it’s beach time!  Happy summer!!

First Day of pre-school

Last Day of Pre-school