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Short Stories by Savannah


Just a little conversation between Savannah and I.. Obviously daddy has been telling a few extra stories at bedtime.

Savannah how was your day today?…

It was good we had computer and science class..

Oh that sounds like fun..

Yea and I told them the story about you and daddy..

What story?

when daddy saw you at the restaurant.

What story’s that? who did you tell?

Daddy said he came into the restaurant the first time he saw you and you walked up to him and he couldn’t breath cause you were so pretty. Then he kissed you at the wedding. I told Miss Robyn & Miss Lynn.

The end..


Parent teacher conference


I can’t believe it’s already 2014. It’s amazing how fast time flies. Now when you are in it…. Sometimes it goes a lot slower than you want but Looking back at all the special times I’m so thankful for the drag from time to time.

With the new school year come parent teacher conference. Now this is something new to me. Although I tried not to stress too much I have to say I was a little nervous shhh.. I mean after all she does have me as a mom and let’s just say school was not my forte. But luckily for her it was her daddy’s. When I first found out I was pregnant I was talking with my friend Meg Moore and she told me about this prayer she always prayed for her son “dear God please give him wisdom, health and faith in God” and her son has turned out pretty amazing. I knew too, as my pastor always says, “if you have a praying mom your toast”. I soooo pray she’s toast because from that moment on that was my prayer. Ultimately it’s in Gods hands but he puts us here to guide them. He gifted them to us for that purpose. And I’m so lucky that I have 3 gifts.

So Tuesday was parent teacher conference day for me. I signed up early because I’m anxious lol. Aside from talking a little too much (which she gets from me) and being a little to impatient (which she gets for her dad) she is doing AWESOME!! I couldn’t be more happy with her progress and evaluation!! I’m so proud of her I could bust.


Looks like my prayers are working!!!!

Wednesday May 8th, 2013


Great day today Priss had a good day at school. Only a slight attitude this morning but I have decided that I am the mommy and there will be no more arguing with a 3.5 year old. Haha.

I don’t know what I was thinking before I mean really why would I try to reason with a 3.5 year old. Of course I have heard “your mean” a few times but I can live with that. I just respond with “that’s right I am mean maybe that will make you think before you do something your no suppose to”. So no meltdown today and I’m happy.

My son Jordan detailed my car and for the first time in 6 years I got to park in the garage!! Yay!! Savannah were so excited to park in the garage. It’s the little things in life. 
After nap savannah hung outside with her brother while I made a playlist of songs for Ed & Tina’s wedding that will be at the house on Friday night. Then she gathered up
A few dolls and headed out to her play set and had a birthday/tea party for McKenna. When I walked out to check on her at one point she was singing happy birthday.

Now everyone is off to bed and I am right behind them.

Happy Birthday McKenna!

Happy Birthday McKenna!

Ready for pre-school

All Things PINK!


Happy Friday!!…

I have been busy this week reorganizing Savannah’s closet.. I have decided it is time to create more space so I headed off to the container store and with the help of Brooks we have created us more space!!  They are coming on Monday to install her new Closet and I cannot Wait..  If this turns out well my closet will be next!

Speaking of closet’s my dear daughter is obsessed with all things pink.. Pink shoes, pink dresses, pink leggings pink bow’s, pink undies.. Pink the singer.. You get the picture if it’s pink she want’s to wear it.  So putting her clothing together on a daily basis can be challenging at times luckily our favorite clothing line Matilda Jane‘s spring line has A lot of pink..   I have to convince her that there is always some pink in something she is wearing and once I get that set and we get on our way..  I also have to make sure PINK is on the iPod in the car.  Because it makes her happy and she LOVES her.  She loves Pink’s hair, her songs and the funny faces she makes.  Of course I have to find the edited versions but she doesn’t notice the bleeps at all.  Pink is coming to Charlotte in the next couple of weeks and I know Savannah is way to young for her show right now but I sure would love it if I could take her to a sound check.  She would rock out with PINK I just know it.  Savannah doesn’t have a shy bone in her body and LOVES everyone.  I know it won’t happen but you know you always won’t to do what will make your child happy and it sure would make her happy..

Maybe one day!!

Until then enjoy Savannah Rocking out to Pink!

Click Here:  Raise Your Glass PINK!