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Let it snow let it snow let it snow


Savannah has had some pretty amazing teachers over the last 3 years at Calvary and each year when I think they can’t get any better they do. This year has been a whirlwind of learning and fun projects. She has been star of the week, Shared different chores such as line leader, lunchbox helper, chair stacker and my favorite on vacation helper which basically means you can sit back and relax unless someone is out..

As I said this year has been pretty awesome there are 7 of her classmates from last year that are in her class and of course her bff Lexi is there. One of the newer boys in the class is Devin. Devin has stolen the hearts of several girls in our class namely Savannah. She tell’s me all the time Devin is her boyfriend and she is going to kiss him when she get’s big. I’m thinking to myself already?? boys already?? Luckily Devin’s mom ROCKS and is very understanding of my dear daughters love for her son. haha..

Each day the kids break off in groups and play together Savannah and Alexis don’t get to be together in group because they are bff’s and play too much together or so I was told by miss Savannah. Last week Savannah came home and told me (with a dreamy look in her eye’s) that Devin was in her group and they played (Tangled) which if you don’t know is the updated version of Rapunzel from Disney. So I asked her a few more questions about her group and she happily told me “I was Tangled, Devin was Flynn Ryder & Alexis was the Horse.” I died but I also felt Alexis was getting the short end of the stick and asked her if Alexis wanted to be the horse and she said “YES” she did she was my friend” and trust me she is her BEST friend. They have been in the same pre-school class since they were 2 and Savannah LOVES her to death.. Not many days go by when I am not asked “well is Alexis gonna be there or is Alexis gonna wear that”.. They say if a friendship last 7 years then it will last a lifetime.. I am going to do my best to make sure she knows this little girl a lifetime.

Today at preschool Savannah came out SUPER excited. The Miss Robyn & Miss Lynn had given them a potion to help them create snow and it went a little something like this..
1. Put Ice Cubes in the toilet
2. Put a spoon (that they made in class) under your pillow
4. Sleep with the penguin Miss Lynn sent home
5. Put your PJ’s on Backwards.

I’m half kinda hoping it will snow because she will be so disappointed if it doesn’t.

Let it Snow Let it Snow

Let it Snow Let it Snow

Oh and one more before I sign off Savannah has been learning about Indians at school this week.. When she sang this song and I replied aww.. they shot the buffalo and bears.. she said “it’s ok it was for their food”..

Charlotte Christian Knight Lifer Class of 2028


Today was parent teacher conference day with Charlotte Christian to see if Savannah would make the cut for Junior Kindergarten in the fall of 2014. I have to say I was a little nervous but for some reason I was relaxed. I have always felt that God has great plans for Savannah and that maybe why the calm overcame my nervousness.

Not only did she do well in her assessment she did EXCELLENT. They said that academically she would be ready for Kindergarten but tires quicker and there are a few things that with age she will catch onto.. with that in mind she will be headed to Junior Kindergarten.. So Savannah will be a member of the Charlotte Christian Knights Class of 2028!!

I think she is excited to start this new Journey too!!

Ready For Junior Kindergarten

Ready For Junior Kindergarten



Well we are one month in and back on the schedule.. I’m not gonna lie it has definitely taken some adjusting and the sad part is I was the one that had a harder time than Savannah… I couldn’t keep my gymnastics times and swim times straight lol..  So Mercy showed up at gymnastics and hour late and we had to do a make up.. Way to go mama.. But that’s all behind me now.. I just updated to the new Google’s Calendar Plus 5 and I am ready to go!!  It’s my favorite app as of today.. Well that and the You Version app.  One keeps me on time and the other reminds me where I am going..

Savannah is doing awesome this year and I love her teachers Miss Robyn & Miss Lynn.  So far they seem to love her too. Miss Lynn always thinks “she say’s the funniest things” and “loves her dresses” and they both think she smells good (thanks Amazing Grace Lotion).  Oh and I was asked to be Room Mom along with Hannah (hudson’s mom).. She’s such a sweet mama I am so looking forward to this experience with her.

On another note.  I was recently asked by Make-A-Wish to be a wish society Honoree.  I was beyond humbled and thrilled to be a part of this inaugural event.  The Make-A-Wish of Western and Central North Carolina will be recognizing 30 local women in the area for the Philanthropic and Professional successes.  I certainly don’t have a lot of letter’s after my name as a matter of fact the only one I have is SAHM.. So not sure why I was lucky enough to be included in this group of amazing women but I sure am glad.

The whole goal behind this event is to raise money to grant a wish.  The average wish cost $6000 and my goal is to grant as many as I can.  If you have never experienced what it’s like to see someone’s wish granted take a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsFZxQ4mfLM Or read this mom’s story http://asperkids.com/the-story-of-a-wish/ This will help you understand why I am working so hard to make this happen.  Why I bug all my friends and strangers to help me make this happen.  To see the look on the kid’s faces and to feel the impact it has on the family it is worth every email, letter and phone call.  Please take a minute to read more about what I am doing and if you feel so inclined to help me grant a wish you may do so on my page at http://ncwishsociety.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1074258&lis=1&kntae1074258=F01B9901639F44368A30CD647305FFB3&supId=349771544  AND if you can get me a Corporate sponosor I’d love ya for ever lol..

I will leave with one last Savannah Funny of the day..

“Mama do you have nationwide on your side?”


Have a happy night.



“Mommy do I have pooties?”


Happy Thanksgiving!!

It’s my favorite holiday! The only holiday where nothing is expected but good food, Friends and Family!!  This tradition became important to me when I was about 18 and Billy Cook (my boyfriend at the time) invited me over to his home for Thanksgiving.  It was the BEST food ever.  His mother Sunny has the best Dressing that you will ever put in your mouth and she would always make me an extra pan of dressing to bring home and for that I was very thankful.Every Thanksgiving I looked forward to spending it with the Cooks.  They always opened their home to family, friends and those who had no place to go.  They taught me that Thanksgiving is about giving & thanks.

Sadly Billy Passed when he was 21 and left a very big hole in everyone’s heart.  I continued to go to the Cook’s for Thanksgiving until I moved to Charlotte and life just kinda moved on.  I don’t see the family like I should but thanks to Facebook I can kinda keep up with their life.  I will always be grateful for their kindness and love.. And the value of opening your home to others.

Savannah went back to pre-school today and let me tell you she was ready and so was I.  shesh.. I love her but that child needs to have something to do. And being a human toy for 6 days get’s tiring.  So we were there bright and early.  Mama went to yoga and life was back to normal..

When I picked Savannah up from school we headed to the playground and let her play for a while with her friends then it was off to the house. When we got home I was getting her out of the car and she said “mommy do I have pooties?”  Of course I had no idea what she was talking about so the “let’s try to figure out what the 3 year old is talking about” begins.  I said “What?” she said “Pooties” at this point I am trying to keep a straight face.  Then I started thinking hmmm did some boy tell her she had cooties?? So I asked again.. Savannah what are you talking about?? and she said “Pooties mommy Miss Kelly had pooties.. Chicken pooties”..OK???  My next question was Chicken Pox?? to which she replied “no no pooties” “have I had pooties” and at this point I am convinced she is talking about Chicken pox so I said no honey you have never had chicken pooties.  Well we go in and she is tired so it is off to nap.  I decided I would email Miss Kelly and find out exactly what she was talking about because I was confused as to why they would be having a conversation about chicken pox. haha..

After giving Miss Kelly the breakdown of our conversation this is the response she sent me

“Ok. That’s hysterical. Actually, it’s Pirate’s Booty. I sat next to Savannah today at lunch and we were comparing lunches ;). She asked what I was eating and I showed her & told her it was Pirate Booty. I asked if she had it before & if she liked it. She told me she was going to ask you about it. Savannah is true to her word!”

hahahahah.. Pirate Booty Not Pootie… Gotta LOVE a 3 year old.

Happy Holidays.



The Weekend


As we wind down another fun-filled weekend it’s time yet again to catch up.

Friday morning Miss Mercy came and we headed to My Gym for our Friday morning class.  After that Savannah and I headed over to Miss Vickie’s house to visit.  Miss Vickie has a granddaughter Braxton that is 5.  We purchase a lot of Braxton’s clothes for Savannah.  While we were there Savannah decided to play Braxton’s drums.  It was funny how she grabbed a hold of those sticks and sat up on the stool like she had played drums her whole 2 years of life.  haha.. I’m so glad she loves music.  After our visit with Miss Vickie it was time to head back to la casa for nap time.

The  boys came home and it was so good to see them.. When they got here Savannah and I were in the other room and I said Who is that? and she answered with a huge smile on her face “My Brother”..  How awesome..  She loves them so much and I love her with them.

Welcome Home Jordan

Ok.. this is the second time I am writing this because when I inserted the pictures it deleted my words.. arrrrgggggg!!  So here goes AGAIN…Savannah did pretty well..We have to eat with the senior citizens. ha-ha she hasn’t quite got to the point where she will sit and eat and it’s a pleasant evening.. it’s more like a marathon to get done before she is ready to get up..haha..After dinner we headed home and it was bath and bedtime..
Saturday morning the boys headed out for golf and Savannah and I had a lazy day. I recently started a new venture to be a Trunk Keeper for http://www.servanebarrau.com/ . I decided to have a show this weekend and invite just a few friends to get a feel of what I will need and do.  It was fun and stress free and I am looking forward to the next show.  Saturday afternoon Savannah had a birthday party to go to so we went down for a nap early and was up and ready to head to the party at 3:15.  The party was held at My Gym (which Savannah loves) it was her friend Alyse’s 2nd birthday.  What a great place to have a party. No clean up. haha..  After the party we headed home and Savannah hung out with the boys in the Man Cave and watched the Clemson game.  Mommy went to NiNi’s (Lisa’s) and enjoyed a girls night.
Sunday morning I went to yoga and Justin watched Savannah till daddy got home from church and then they headed to MiMi and Pop’s. That is their sunday ritual.  After Yoga Lisa, Brooke and I went and had a fat filled breakfast at Charlotte Cafe.. Yum.
I wanted to pick up some more decorations for the house.. This year is going to be more fun decorating for Halloween because Savannah will be a little more into it.
Later on in the evening we had yet another birthday party to head to.  This was for Caroline Dunlap.  We met the girls at the nail salon and had our nails painted and then headed over to the Dunlap’s for pizza, cookie cake and a surprise visit from corky the clown.   I wasn’t sure how Savannah would react to corky but just like everything else she took it in stride.

Little Corky

Well I’m sure I have left something out from the first post but this is a good narrative for the weekend!