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Charlotte Christian Knight Lifer Class of 2028


Today was parent teacher conference day with Charlotte Christian to see if Savannah would make the cut for Junior Kindergarten in the fall of 2014. I have to say I was a little nervous but for some reason I was relaxed. I have always felt that God has great plans for Savannah and that maybe why the calm overcame my nervousness.

Not only did she do well in her assessment she did EXCELLENT. They said that academically she would be ready for Kindergarten but tires quicker and there are a few things that with age she will catch onto.. with that in mind she will be headed to Junior Kindergarten.. So Savannah will be a member of the Charlotte Christian Knights Class of 2028!!

I think she is excited to start this new Journey too!!

Ready For Junior Kindergarten

Ready For Junior Kindergarten

Janurary 25, 2012


Well another early wake up call.. Miss priss was up at 4:45 coughing.. ūüė¶¬† And she had some how wet her bed¬†thru a diaper.. must have seeped thru or it may have been the wwf¬†wrestling match I had with her trying to get it on before she went to bed.lol Anyway who wants to change a bed at 5am so I just hauled her downstairs gave her some Tylenol for her cough and put her in the bed with me.¬† After an hour of talking she finally fell asleep and we slept until 8am.. wow.

Sleeping with mommy is a big deal.¬† I am definitely not a fan of sleeping with your children.¬† I know everyone has their own way of doing things but in my opinion I think it creates independence.¬† Plus I want her to like her bed and feel comfortable in her room not to mention she sleeps sideways.¬† It was kinda nice cuddling with her but don’t tell her I said that she will want to be there all the time..haha

So Mercy got to the house at 8 and I was still exhausted and at that point I had missed my 8am yoga class¬†so what better to do than go back to bed.¬† Let me tell you I slept till almost 10am.. I can not tell you how long it has been since I have done that.¬† It felt GREAT!!¬† We skipped swim class today due to priss’s¬†sniffling and mommy cleaned out her closet dropped a bunch of stuff off at the consignment store then picked up Savannah some pj’s to wear to her pajama party at school tomorrow.¬† I sure hope she feels better in the am.

We met daddy for dinner at On the Border yuck.. why do I eat that food. I always feel guilty after I do it.¬† But damn it sure does taste good and this ding dang diet is kicking my butt.. But I am going to be 42 next month and I am hoping to be in the best shape I have ever been in.¬† Body by Visalus¬†protein shakes are the bomb.¬† They taste good. I’m not kidding.¬† They really do and I have lost 4lbs only 8 more to go.. Wish me luck.

Sweet dreams



Janurary 24, 2012


Sick day today..:( Savannah woke up (at 5:15) with a cough and a little runny nose so when I finally got her back to sleep I opted to keep her home from pre-school.. The first day she has missed.. I was kinda sad about that.¬† I’m sure she would have been fine she wasn’t running a fever but I didn’t want her spreading her germs to all the other kiddies in the school.¬† So we stayed home.

Daddy was kind enough to stay home long enough for me to get my yoga in and that was AWESOME!!  Thanks daddy.  So our day was filled with a shower, the movie Mulan, lunch, Feeding the birds then nap time.

Recently Savannah has gotten in the habit of using our kitchen cabinet handles to climb up and try to get snacks on the counter.¬† I tried to take the calm approach and explain to her why she cannot climb on the cabinet’s and that I didn’t want her to get hurt. While I was squatted¬†down to her level and trying to get her to look at me so that I could explain this she said sssshhhh¬†mommy sssshhhh¬†I have to tell you a secret.. At this point I am trying to keep a straight face and I fell right into her game of distract mommy.¬† What Savannah? She cups her hands around her mouth and leans in to whisper in my ear “Do you want a popsicle mommy”?

Little Princess

.. No I don’t want a popsicle silly.. Now what was it I was trying to tell you.. Good job Savannah.

After nap we went for a walk because the sun FINALLY came out today!!  Nini & Wrigley went with us.  It was a nice stroll.  Daddy was home soon after and then it was dinner and bed!!


Back to Pre-School..


Well the vacation is over and it’s time to get back on schedule.. Yay!!¬† Never thought I would say that!!¬† lol.. I don’t think there was a single child late today.. Just kidding..¬† Dropped Savannah off at school and headed to the Sanger Clinic.¬† I have been having some weird heart beats and just wanted to get it checked out¬†to make sure everything is Okie¬†dokie..¬† Met with Dr. Cheryl Russo to talk about the ticker..¬† What a super nice Doctor she took time to ask about me and what I was feeling.. We talked about her kids and where they were going to school.¬† She definitely made me feel comfortable.. My first impression of the Sanger Clinic is A+++++..¬† So after the visit they hooked me up to this heart monitor¬†thing that I have to wear for 24hrs..¬†It should be a comfortable night of sleep..Not.¬† anyho0I take it back tomorrow and she will call me with the results..¬† I’m sure it’s fine just want to make sure.¬† I gotta live now.

Jeff and I met for lunch at Red Rocks it was YUMMY..¬† If you haven’t been go.. Our good friend John and his partner Ron have great food and an awesome staff.. I recommend the Charles’ Mo’s strawberry salad.. yum..¬† Or you could try the Jeff Parker black and blue wedge.. I haven’t made onto the Red Rocks menu of Fame yet but maybe one day.. lol

Picked up priss at school at 1 and she had a great day!!  She was hungry when we left so we stopped at Chik-Fil-A for her to grab a quick bite and kill some time till nap

Chik-Fil-A after a Hard day at pre-school

Oh and I didn’t mention that we switched to a big girl bed on Dec 21st.. It has been going great!! The first day at nap time was a challenge but she has adjusted very well.¬† I am so proud of her..¬† We are STILL working on potty training.. Lawd.. I keep hoping the potty training fairy is going to come in the middle of the night and poof it’s done.. A girl can dream can’t she??¬† Some days I think she has it.. Like when she wakes up from her nap takes her pull-up off goes to her potty in her closet (we put it there cause she likes privacy) and uses it before I get up to her room.. “mommy I go potty”.. Then there are days like today.. Mommy I pee oh & poop.. Already.. ugh.. We have to be getting close..

Ok time to close for the day I’m beat.. Nite Nite..


A Fathers Love….


Growing up this is one thing I really missed out on.¬† I, unfortunately, grew up in a home where daddy decided to check out instead of in.¬† I didn’t know until I was in the 5th grade that the man who claimed to be my father was not.¬† Don’t get me wrong it was a relief to know that the step-monster that I was living with was not my dad and that even though my biological father was not around he was¬†still out there.¬† It was like renewed hope.

I hoped that one day he would come and rescue me and take me away from the horrible place I was living.¬† It never happened.¬† But it’s ok it made me a stronger person and through opportunities in life I got myself out and I have never looked back.

Flash forward 24 years later..¬† I am sitting in my living room with my beautiful daughter and my wonderful husband watching them dance around in circles to The Fresh Beat Band “Here we go”.¬† Can I just tell you how much my heart swells to watch my husband love my daughter.¬† It is unlike any love or happiness that I have ever experienced.¬† He loves her. Which makes me love him even more.

Every night¬†we have our same routine.¬† Dinner, Play, Bath, PJ’s, snuggle on daddy’s lap for one last episode of Bubble Guppies (her new favorite show) before¬† a story¬†and bed.¬† I treasure these daddy daughter moments just as much as they do.¬† Not having that father figure in my life I know how important it is to have¬†his presence in her life .

Father’s are supposed to¬†be there.¬† To protect, teach and love.. To pick you up when your down to say yes when mommy says no.¬† When you create a child that child doesn’t get an application of where they want to be born they are just born. Then it is up to us as parents to give them all they need.¬† To all the dad’s out there that are involved who work hard to provide and love their kids you are appreciated..¬† Just in case you didn’t know and havent heard it lately Thank You from your kids.¬† It is a gift that will always be treasured.¬† Nothing can every replace the love of a father.

Although I still have not been able to meet my father I still have the hope that one day he will find me.¬† I don’t need saving anymore but I still need his love.

Have a great weekend!