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Let it snow let it snow let it snow


Savannah has had some pretty amazing teachers over the last 3 years at Calvary and each year when I think they can’t get any better they do. This year has been a whirlwind of learning and fun projects. She has been star of the week, Shared different chores such as line leader, lunchbox helper, chair stacker and my favorite on vacation helper which basically means you can sit back and relax unless someone is out..

As I said this year has been pretty awesome there are 7 of her classmates from last year that are in her class and of course her bff Lexi is there. One of the newer boys in the class is Devin. Devin has stolen the hearts of several girls in our class namely Savannah. She tell’s me all the time Devin is her boyfriend and she is going to kiss him when she get’s big. I’m thinking to myself already?? boys already?? Luckily Devin’s mom ROCKS and is very understanding of my dear daughters love for her son. haha..

Each day the kids break off in groups and play together Savannah and Alexis don’t get to be together in group because they are bff’s and play too much together or so I was told by miss Savannah. Last week Savannah came home and told me (with a dreamy look in her eye’s) that Devin was in her group and they played (Tangled) which if you don’t know is the updated version of Rapunzel from Disney. So I asked her a few more questions about her group and she happily told me “I was Tangled, Devin was Flynn Ryder & Alexis was the Horse.” I died but I also felt Alexis was getting the short end of the stick and asked her if Alexis wanted to be the horse and she said “YES” she did she was my friend” and trust me she is her BEST friend. They have been in the same pre-school class since they were 2 and Savannah LOVES her to death.. Not many days go by when I am not asked “well is Alexis gonna be there or is Alexis gonna wear that”.. They say if a friendship last 7 years then it will last a lifetime.. I am going to do my best to make sure she knows this little girl a lifetime.

Today at preschool Savannah came out SUPER excited. The Miss Robyn & Miss Lynn had given them a potion to help them create snow and it went a little something like this..
1. Put Ice Cubes in the toilet
2. Put a spoon (that they made in class) under your pillow
4. Sleep with the penguin Miss Lynn sent home
5. Put your PJ’s on Backwards.

I’m half kinda hoping it will snow because she will be so disappointed if it doesn’t.

Let it Snow Let it Snow

Let it Snow Let it Snow

Oh and one more before I sign off Savannah has been learning about Indians at school this week.. When she sang this song and I replied aww.. they shot the buffalo and bears.. she said “it’s ok it was for their food”..

Fresh Beat Band


If I haven’t said it before I am a HUGE music fan.. I have been going to concerts since I was 15.. I remember my first concert like it was yesterday.. My First show was Foreigner & Survivor it was a general admission show at the Old Old Charlotte Coliseum.. We got inline around 3 that day and waited till the gates opened and sprinted to through the doors to get up front..Those were the days before ticket scalpers..

It seems I have passed my love of music onto my daughter Savannah.  We attended her first concert.. The Fresh Beat Band.  If you have a child 3-6 you know these people.  They are a very popular TV show on Nickelodeon. I was lucky enough to snag 2 front row seats at the show and she had a blast!  Once we got there we realized that one of her classmates had seats right beside of us.  It was a GREAT night.  After the show Savannah went backstage and got a chance to meet them all.  It was a very exciting night.. So glad she loves music as much as I do.

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What happened to MTV?


I can still remember when MTV started back in 1981. I have always had a love for music and now they were putting a story with the music. I was in love. Remember the spaceman they had land on the moon and put the MTV flag out that changed all different colors?? I looked forward to that countdown everyday. And I had the mc hammer dance down to a t. The only thing missing were my hammer pants which I think I saw J Lo wearing on American idol not to long ago. Put them back in the closet J Lo please.
Having such a great love of music it is inevitable that savannah is going to love it too. Well as you and I know MTV is not music television anymore. They should change their name to RTV= reality tv or STV = sucks tv. I can’t tell you the last time I actually saw a music video on MTV. I usually flip between vh1, vh1 classics, gac, cma or palladium even shoes video sometimes. But you usually have to catch them in the morning.

Savannah has really gotten into music lately and she always has to know who is singing. So thanks to Mr. Steve Jobs, apple tv and the iTunes store I pretty much can watch any video I want, for a small fee, forever. Well worth it in my opinion. So the other night I decided I will download some videos for savannah to watch. I like to keep her well-rounded in music but clean so I got Dave Matthews ( of course) Eh Hee, Kiss Shout it out loud, Joan Jett I love rock n roll and several others but she has had these on repeat since she saw them.
Her question about the Dave Matthews video was ” why is he putting on make up mommy?’, what are those ballerinas doing?” The kiss video well she is just in awww and walks around sticking her tongue out like gene and wonders why Paul Stanley doesn’t have on a shirt. Now the Joan Jett was a little confusing. She kept asking me to see the black video. ” I want to see the black video mommy.” I had no idea what she was talking about. I was pointing to the Stevie wonder, Marvin Gaye or the Jackson 5 videos and she kept insisting is was the “black one” not those. So I sat down with her and scrolled thru all the videos and she pointed to Joan Jett. Because if you remember the I love rock n roll video by Joan Jett it was shot in black and white and that was what she was referring to. The video not the artist to her they were all just singers. It was the video that was throwing her off. So we loaded up Joan Jett and the black hearts and watched I love rock n roll. Of course she liked it. She is my child but she was a bit confused ” mommy is that a boy or a girl?” and I replied it’s a girl honey and mommy use to have hair just like her. Haha. Maybe that’s why I never had a date in high school. Haha
Savannah is also a big fan of Adele’s and I can’t wait to share a video with you soon.

Fall Festival


Rise and Shine… Off to the Fall Festival with the Franks..  Savannah and I were so excited to see everyone.. We got up ate breakfast and headed out.

It was so good to see them..  Jackson and Ella came running across the field and it was like they just saw each other the day before..  Love how they just pick up where they left off good kids..  We hung around the festival for a couple of hours got our face painted, decorated some bags and oh Savannah and Ella made the news!! wha hooo.. There was a school-house rock type of band playing and they were getting down..lol  It was awesome.

Savannah and Ella

And they are down...Face Painting..

So she is definitely her mommy’s girl.. Want’s to be with the band..hahaha
After the festival we headed home and it was nap time..
Daddy finished his golf tournament then it was off to the festivities.. Being the light weight that I am we were home by nine.  Being a mommy is tiring..
Sunday we were going to go to the Panthers game but opted out.  We stayed home and played with play doh, painted and watched beauty and the beast.. Fun girls weekend!!