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Searching for Answers


We all go through life and wonder at times how we got to were we are and why things happen the way they did.  I’ve often heard the most heard sound in heaven will be “ooohhh”..

I’ve had my trials through my life and I am still surprised at times how awesome my life has become.  It has not been without a lot of tears & work but I finally feel whole.  I have often found myself wondering why things happened in my past the way they did and what exactly am I suppose to take from my trials.  I have read devotionals, prayed, read my bible and tried to listen to for that whisper some are fortunate to hear.  But I never felt it was truly answered until I heard Rev. Dr. Hikmat Kashouh from Lebanon.  He came to speak at my church Forest Hill http://www.foresthill.org/watch-and-listen/weekend-message/things-unseen/leaving-nothing-behind.html and told about the troubles and persecution of Christians in the middle east and he said he was asked how can he keep going after all he has been through and his reply was “so I can show others how to live with grace”.  And there it was my answer I have been waiting to find.  I survived my troubles and love God to show others who have been through similar experiences that they can survive too.  We are truly lucky to live in a land where we can worship and love who we want.  And I am truly lucky to have heard my whisper from a pastor all the way from Lebanon..  Thank you Rev. Dr. Hikmat Kashouh