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Let it snow let it snow let it snow


Savannah has had some pretty amazing teachers over the last 3 years at Calvary and each year when I think they can’t get any better they do. This year has been a whirlwind of learning and fun projects. She has been star of the week, Shared different chores such as line leader, lunchbox helper, chair stacker and my favorite on vacation helper which basically means you can sit back and relax unless someone is out..

As I said this year has been pretty awesome there are 7 of her classmates from last year that are in her class and of course her bff Lexi is there. One of the newer boys in the class is Devin. Devin has stolen the hearts of several girls in our class namely Savannah. She tell’s me all the time Devin is her boyfriend and she is going to kiss him when she get’s big. I’m thinking to myself already?? boys already?? Luckily Devin’s mom ROCKS and is very understanding of my dear daughters love for her son. haha..

Each day the kids break off in groups and play together Savannah and Alexis don’t get to be together in group because they are bff’s and play too much together or so I was told by miss Savannah. Last week Savannah came home and told me (with a dreamy look in her eye’s) that Devin was in her group and they played (Tangled) which if you don’t know is the updated version of Rapunzel from Disney. So I asked her a few more questions about her group and she happily told me “I was Tangled, Devin was Flynn Ryder & Alexis was the Horse.” I died but I also felt Alexis was getting the short end of the stick and asked her if Alexis wanted to be the horse and she said “YES” she did she was my friend” and trust me she is her BEST friend. They have been in the same pre-school class since they were 2 and Savannah LOVES her to death.. Not many days go by when I am not asked “well is Alexis gonna be there or is Alexis gonna wear that”.. They say if a friendship last 7 years then it will last a lifetime.. I am going to do my best to make sure she knows this little girl a lifetime.

Today at preschool Savannah came out SUPER excited. The Miss Robyn & Miss Lynn had given them a potion to help them create snow and it went a little something like this..
1. Put Ice Cubes in the toilet
2. Put a spoon (that they made in class) under your pillow
4. Sleep with the penguin Miss Lynn sent home
5. Put your PJ’s on Backwards.

I’m half kinda hoping it will snow because she will be so disappointed if it doesn’t.

Let it Snow Let it Snow

Let it Snow Let it Snow

Oh and one more before I sign off Savannah has been learning about Indians at school this week.. When she sang this song and I replied aww.. they shot the buffalo and bears.. she said “it’s ok it was for their food”..

Charlotte Christian Knight Lifer Class of 2028


Today was parent teacher conference day with Charlotte Christian to see if Savannah would make the cut for Junior Kindergarten in the fall of 2014. I have to say I was a little nervous but for some reason I was relaxed. I have always felt that God has great plans for Savannah and that maybe why the calm overcame my nervousness.

Not only did she do well in her assessment she did EXCELLENT. They said that academically she would be ready for Kindergarten but tires quicker and there are a few things that with age she will catch onto.. with that in mind she will be headed to Junior Kindergarten.. So Savannah will be a member of the Charlotte Christian Knights Class of 2028!!

I think she is excited to start this new Journey too!!

Ready For Junior Kindergarten

Ready For Junior Kindergarten

Short Stories by Savannah


Just a little conversation between Savannah and I.. Obviously daddy has been telling a few extra stories at bedtime.

Savannah how was your day today?…

It was good we had computer and science class..

Oh that sounds like fun..

Yea and I told them the story about you and daddy..

What story?

when daddy saw you at the restaurant.

What story’s that? who did you tell?

Daddy said he came into the restaurant the first time he saw you and you walked up to him and he couldn’t breath cause you were so pretty. Then he kissed you at the wedding. I told Miss Robyn & Miss Lynn.

The end..


I am Matilda Jane…..


I will have to say there are a lot of perks to having a little girl..Loving her, watching her grow, teaching her to be a good person…ect

But one of my favorite perks is buying her clothes.  Before Savannah was born she had a closet stocked full of clothes.


We received them from baby shower‘s, family & of course I had to buy something everywhere I went.

I never knew how much fun it could be to buy little girls clothes..

My closet quickly took a back seat.   I went from designer clothes to yoga pants.. Meanwhile my dear daughters closet continues to grow on a weekly basis and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

About a year ago I discovered a little clothing line called Matilda Jane.   When I first started buying MJ I had no idea the impact this clothing line would have on my life.  You see Matilda Jane Clothing is more than just a clothing line it’s a family.

Denise DeMarchis  is the owner of Matilda Jane Clothing but you would never know it.  She is not untouchable or unreachable and is very hands on in her business.  She is compassionate, caring and giving, she is a mother to 2 of the most adorable boys you will see & wife oh and she has an awesome dog named Franklin.

The gang of Matilda Jane has made many trips to Africa to help build an orphanage, donate clothes & many other great things.  I know this because they, unlike me, blog regularly and keep us up to date on all the goings on at MJC.  So when I purchase their clothing it is much more than buying beautiful clothes I to am helping do great things in Africa, build houses for habitat for humanity and most recently raise money for a fellow mom who tragically lost her life. Yes.. a mom that we only new online lost her life and this wonderful world of Matilda Jane came together and raised over 50k for her family.. How amazing is that!

I Also love the personal feel of Matilda Jane Clothing.   My first experience with their customer service was when I had to return a dress for another size and I received a call from Carrie, being the huge Dave Matthews Band fan that I am I of course have a DMB ring back tone, and it just so happen’s Carrie is a fan too.  I felt immediately connected to her and we chatted about concerts and songs and when I received my dress in the mail I had a little signed note from Carrie.  With every purchase I have received I always have a little signed note from whoever packed that day to say “enjoy”, “cute” ect..These day’s customer service seems to have taken a back seat and it is refreshing to know that it still exist.

Now to tell you a little bit about the Underground world of Matilda Jane Clothing..  It’s a fun, crazy world with it’s on language.  There is the Matilda Jane Regular line and then there is the Matild Jane Platinum Line ..  The regular line is the cake and the Platinum is the Icing.  The Platinum line has it’s on web page and load once a week at random times.  You never know when or what will load.  Mama’s stalk this site for HOURS hoping they can catch a dress, ellie or ruffles.  If you do get lucky enough to be on the site when it loads you have about 2.3 seconds to get it in your cart and check out.  The rush is frustrating and rewarding at times.

There are many pages and groups set up dedicated to buying, selling & trading Matilda Jane Clothing.. I know it sounds crazy but it exist. There is Maddie’sCloset, SavySavannah’sArmoire, Honey Badger, Katya Kayabella’s Closet..Then there is the Queen of the Lookbooks.. Whom we all love and adore.. She rocks the page where we all go to get the know..  She has pictures, prices & sizes of almost every Matilda Jane piece you could imagine new, old and yet to be… she has it all..and the list goes on and on.  Most of us have a Facebook account dedicated to buying and selling our children’s clothing.  WHO KNEW??? And these women are all over the united states!!  I have even talked to a mama in Japan!

I have seen it all in these groups.. but the one thing that always keeps me coming back is the love that we all have for Matilda Jane Clothing and each other.  If there is a mama in the group that is suffering I have seen these women come together many times to raise money, send cards & pray for each other.  As with any group there is drama but the good definitely out ways the bad.

In June Matilda Jane Clothing holds their annual art fair in Fort Wayne, Indiana  where all these mama’s come together for one weekend to meet and buy girls clothing.. I have heard and seen all the stories and pictures and this year I am going to be lucky enough to go!!  I CANNOT wait.   I will finally get to meet the girls and guys of MJC and all my friends online.  I know it is going to be an awesome weekend!


Just to give you an idea below are a few outfits from MJ!!

Matilda Jane DSC_1589_edited-1 DSC_1460 DSC_1328_edited-1 DSC_0933_edited-1




Baby Birds


Happy Wednesday!!

Great day today Up early and out. I had Savannah’s 3-year-old pictures taken on Friday and today was the day I was going to get to view them.  I was so excited as Kym had sent me a sneak peek and they were super cute.  So I was out at 8:15 and Mercy was here at 8:30..

The pictures were Amazing.. She looked so grown. There was one that actually brought tears to my eyes.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was sitting there looking at these pictures thinking I can’t believe this is my baby.  I have a child.  It still amazes me today!  I am so blessed and thankful to God for giving me such a precious gift.

After picture viewing it was off to swim class.  Savannah is doing so well and on her 3rd birthday she get’s to move up to the Shiny Star Fish class yay.. I know this means nothing to most but to me it means I become a spectator and not a swimmer.  I think this will be a bitter-sweet change in our life.. One I’m happy that I won’t have to get in that freezing cold pee water anymore But I sure will miss that 30min bonding time.  In the end I think it will be great for Savannah because I think she will focus more on her swimming than splashing mommy. 🙂

So today we had a special treat at swim class.. they were filming some documentary on children and swimming…  Wish they would have sent a memo so mommy could have looked a little more presentable ugh..  I could have worn my good suit instead of my “I’m in a hurry suit” that you wear cause you are trying to get out the door and who care’s your going to see the same ole people anyway..  Just a little reminder to self you never know who you will run into or what will happen..So we may or may not be on TV I will let you know..

After swim it was back home and off to run errands.. We have a busy couple of months ahead and I have got to get it together.

We have a few birds that love to build nest right over top of our outdoor speaker.  Every year they build it the same place.  Well in the last couple of day’s the baby birds have hatched and every time we go outside we can hear them chirping away.  Well tonight must have been “it’s time to get outta this nest” night because we had 5 baby birds trying to fly on our patio.  Now why momma picked tonight, in the rain, to shew her youngins is beyond me but it sure was fun to sit with Savannah at the back door and watch that momma bird fly back and forth to those babies trying to teach them to fly.  Hopefully they all got off the ground and are safe tonight.

Time for bath.. Daddy gave Savannah a bath tonight and as they headed out of the room she ran back in and rapped her arms around my neck and said ” I love you to the moon and back”..  That is why everyone should be a mom..

Accident Free- Day 1


Happy Saturday!!  Rise and Shine miss priss was up at 5:45am but thankfully I got her to go back to sleep till 6:30am.  Ugh.. So I got up got her up Daddy was up so mommy went back to bed until my naked daughter woke me up at 7:30..lol  Why does she like to be naked all the time?? I don’t think this is a good sign..lol This isn’t the 70’s..So I got up put her clothes back on and fixed breakfast.  As I was putting savannah in her high chair she said “a clue! a clue!” I was like what?? Blue’s clues isn’t on?? and I looked down and she was pointing to the Clemson Tiger paw I had on my shirt.. OHHH yes it does kinda look like blue’s clue’s paw.. Very observant sunshine.

Today Miss Jamie came and sat with Savannah while mommy, Tammy & Miss Tiffany went to try on bridesmaid’s dresses.. Yay!!  Luckily we got in found what we were looking for and was out!!  It was a great time!!  But I have to admit seeing all those brides try on dresses made me wanna be a bride again.. Just the trying on the dress part. Not the stress of the wedding part.  After picking out our dresses we headed over to harper’s for lunch.  I love those girls it was great to spend a little time with them.. Lunch was quick because I had to be back home at 1.

Back at the ranch…. Savannah had a great day with Miss Jamie.. we are currently STILL in the potty training stage and I am happy to report there were no accidents today!!!!  GO Savannah Go Savannah!!  Jamie said she was pretty good they did have one stand-off about going to the potty and Jamie said she just ignored her and that was enough for Savannah to use the potty and head out on a walk.  It was a beautiful day today.. Had to be almost 70 degrees outside loved it.

After Miss Jamie left Savannah and I went outside to play until nap time.  After Savannah went to sleep daddy came in from golf and it was a pretty low-key evening.. Daddy is feeling under the weather so he & Justin hung out in the Man-Cave and Savannah and I opted to watch shrek. She liked it ok.  She thought donkey was funny.. And so do I.

The house is starting to get back on our routine since Christmas and the boys being home.  Jordan went back to school today and I think Justin goes tomorrow.  One more semester then they are done for the summer.  When they go back I will have a rising Senior & a rising Junior..WOW it has gone by fast.  Then reality hits.  welcome to the real world.  Life after school..


Playing Catch up

Let’s Go Panthers

When I started this blog I had good intentions of updating it everyday and now I have fallen behind so it is time to catch up.

Let’s see we took Savannah to the Panthers game 2 weeks ago and she loved it. Of Course we only made it to half-time but that’s ok..  We still had a great time..

 We went to Lily’s 4th birthday party! Savannah was feeling a little under the weather but we made an appearance..  We are so lucky to have such great friends that have children that are around the same age as Savannah.  It comforts me to know that when we are together we will all love each others children as our own. It’s a nice feeling.
Potty training is still clicking right along. I have let go of the stress of “you have to be potty trained” and focused more on “well she won’t be wearing a diaper when she is 15 and if she is that will be her problem”.lol.  The other day Jeff and I were in the kitchen talking with Justice and I noticed that Savannah had disappeared to the other room.  When I went to look for her she was in the bathroom.  She had taken off her pull-up and skirt. Climbed up onto the potty with the seat cover and pooped all by herself.  I was happily shocked.  I thought is this it?? Is she just going to start doing this from now on?? Nope no such luck.  But at least she is telling me more and more when she has to go.  So if I have any suggestions for potty training it would be don’t sweat it.  It’s true when they say it will happen when it happens.
Recently I have also been trying to get rid of the paci.  I know I know I know it should have been gone a long time ago but it’s her thing.  I have cut it back to nap time and bed time which works as long as she is not left alone with her daddy.  He is no help with this situation. One “can i have my paci puleeeeeesssee” and he is sucked in. I see a paci boot camp in her near future.
Pre-School has been going much better.  We walk in on our on and Tuesday was the first time I dropped her off and picked her up and there were no tears!!! Yea Savannah!! We had picture day last week and all I could think was picture day for a 2-year-old?? Really?? But I was excited and dressed her up and off to school for picture day we went.

Pre-School Picture Day 2011

Hopefully they will come out good.
I just love this pre-school she goes to I can already tell in just a short time the lesson’s she is learning are sticking.  She came home singing her prayer the other day.  .
She continues to amaze me at the things she retains.
I noticed the other day when I picked Savannah up at pre-school they were letting them drink out of regular cups instead of the sippy cup.  So I was thinking I might have to try this.  Later on that night at dinner time I thought I would give it a shot.  So I poured her milk in a cup and put it the table.  I told her to please be careful it didn’t have a lid to which she proceeded to put her hand in the milk.  I said Savannah you don’t put your hands in your milk to which she replied “it’s not your problem mom” did I mention she was 2.  Lord help me.  Needless to say the milk got poured back into a sippy cup we’ll try that at another date.  One thing at a time one thing at a time..
hmmmmm… I think that is it..Oh wait As I mentioned before Savannah loves to sing and her new favorite song is Forget You (the glee version) she calls it the “why babe” song. haha.. “can i hear why babe mom”. It’s hilarious.
And of course we have had to listen to it 50 million times and now we are watching it on you tube.. But I love it.  It makes her happy so I’m happy.
Now today.  Mercy came this morning and we headed to swim class with priss and she continues to progress.  It’s so funny when we first got moved up to baby otter 3 Mr. Stuart told us all the things our children were going to do and I remember Heather and I looking at each other like….ok yeah sure they will go under by themselves, sure they will dive down and get those animals from the second step, sure they will float on their back, sure they will leave independently from the wall and swim to the island.  Guess what she’s doing it.  So proud of her.
Savannah Smiles
Underwater Smiles

Sweet girl. I had someone say to me the other day that she was the happiest baby they had ever been around.  Which I took as a huge compliment.  Don’t get me wrong she has her days but she wakes up with this smile on her face everyday.  I love her so much.

And with that I will end this very long blog and try to be more diligent about keeping it everyday.
Blog ya soon.