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Saying Goodbye


In 1998 I was a 28-year-old carefree woman living it up! I owned my own place for the first time and I was surrounded by great friends.

As 1998 came to a close I thought, at the time, it was the best year of my life and couldn’t get any better until Jessi came into my life. She was 4 lbs of fur and spunk. She showed up late one night in December as a Christmas gift. I remember the phone call from Jeff like it was yesterday. “are you home ? Ok don’t go anywhere I’ll see you in a few minutes” as I hung up I thought ut oh what is he up to? When he showed up at my door with this ball of fur and a crate big enough to house a Great Dane my first thought was what am I going to do with a dog and my second thought was I love her and I need to name her.

Jessi was the first pet I had ever owned and I had no idea what an impact she would have on my life over the next 15 years. We did everything together and I took her everywhere with me. She taught me how to be compassionate for all animals and get involved and give a voice to those animals that could not speak for themselves. I volunteered my time at the human society and learned to love animals even more.

Living alone could be lonely at times but somehow she always brightened my day and filled a void that was in my heart. I never thought I could love an animal so much. It’s so true when people say pets are family because She was truly like my kid.

It was me and Jessi until I got married in 2007 then we made to move to our new home and she rolled right along adjusting to her new surroundings like a champ. The bed was a little more crowded but we adjusted. As the years went on we grew up together.
Then in 2009 Another bundle of Joy came along. At this point Jessi was getting older and so was I.. lol But she went along with the flow.. she didn’t LOVE the new bundle of joy but if they stayed in their on spaces it was all good. I could tell Jessi was starting to slow down and sleeping a lot more. I knew our time would be coming to an end. But I tried to remember my deal I made with God when I got her ” dear God if you let Jessi live as long as she is suppose too and not get injured or get any diseases I will be ok when the time comes”.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to our pet’s but they are not supposed to be here forever. God puts them in our lives for a short time to serve their purpose and to be loved. Making the decision is never easy but when made out of Love it is the right decision. I didn’t want her to suffer and I didn’t want to be selfish and put her through anymore pain that she had already experienced. God kept his end of the deal and Jessi lived a wonderful 15 years so I had to keep mine. It wasn’t easy and I still cry from time to time but it was the right thing to do. She will forever have a place in my heart.



Short Stories by Savannah


Just a little conversation between Savannah and I.. Obviously daddy has been telling a few extra stories at bedtime.

Savannah how was your day today?…

It was good we had computer and science class..

Oh that sounds like fun..

Yea and I told them the story about you and daddy..

What story?

when daddy saw you at the restaurant.

What story’s that? who did you tell?

Daddy said he came into the restaurant the first time he saw you and you walked up to him and he couldn’t breath cause you were so pretty. Then he kissed you at the wedding. I told Miss Robyn & Miss Lynn.

The end..


“My daddy works so I can have an easy life”


As this 2nd week of school comes to an end we are finally getting into the swing of things..  We were on time today but mommy forgot the folder for class so I had to turn around and go back and get it.. UGH the folder is important because if you don’t have your folder you don’t get a stamp if you have a good day.  If you miss a stamp then that’s one more day you will NOT get to draw out of the “treasure box”..  Trust me it’s important..


So no yoga for me today.. Seems like when I mess up my routine I can’t get in the groove.. The rest of the day was spent working on my Make-A-Wish campaign… So far I have raised $8441.00 Trying to grant 2 wishes and almost there!!!  here is a link to my page if you would like to donate or wanna read about what I am doing!!  Please share!!!

Anyhoo picked Savannah up from school today and was getting ready to leave and Miss Lynn said ” I have to tell you what she said today”.. I was think oh lord this could be good or bad…  she said ” My daddy works so I can have an easy life”…  Jeff is forever telling her this when she ask him where he’s going in the morning and I guess it has finally sunk in..  We really have to watch what we say around her..

Today was our first day back to Gymnastics and Savannah did awesome!!!  I was so proud of her.. she was a good listener and she even climb the rope.. When she was at camp over the summer she would not touch that rope.. “No mommy that’s to high” and today she shocked me.. First time up she grab that rope and climbed up.. Hopefully it will be a fun year for her!




Last Day of Preschool 2013


Wow I can’t believe the end of the school year is here.. It has been so great.. Ms. Kelly & Ms. Holly have truly been a blessing to have as Savannah’s teachers.. She has grown so much over the past year.  Looking forward to moving ahead but kinda sad to leave them behind. I think Savannah is kinda sad too.

First & Last Day of Preschool 2012-1013

First & Last Day of Preschool 2012-1013






Also on the last day of school they celebrated Father’s Day with “Donuts with Dad” Savannah was EXTREMELY excited when her daddy took her to school.. They went to Chick-Fil-A first then headed to school.


Donuts with Dad 2013

Donuts with Dad 2013

Donuts with dad

Donuts with Dad 2013








Great end to the year!

End of Year celebration 2013


Wow.. I can’t believe the end of the school year is already here.. It has been an amazing year. Savannah has had to of the most awesome teachers and we are sad to be leaving them.. I sure hope the teachers she has next year can live up to our expectations. Ms. Kelly & Ms. Holly has set the bar high.  Today the kid’s celebrated their year by have a party.  It was supposed to be a water park party but alas the weather had other plans for us.  We stayed in the gym and I don’t think they minded one bit.

Trying to pop the balloon

Trying to pop the balloon

Face Painting

Not a party till the face painting starts

Even Ms Kelly got in on the fun.

Ms. Kelly Rocks

Savannah Jaymes

Catching Air



Touring Schools for Junior Kindergarten already


Wow…. it is so true when they say time flies..  It seemed like yesterday when I was going to Charlotte Christian School to watch the boys play baseball or football.. and volunteer in the snack shack..

State Champions

State Champions

State Championship 2008

State Championship 2008

They won the State Championship in Football & Baseball  what an awesome year!!

And now I have walked back onto the campus to start all over again.. and I can’t WAIT!!  I toured the school and their program and message is awesome!  I just know Savannah is going to love Charlotte Christian as much as the boys did..  I have seen so many kid’s leave that school that are growing into mature, respectful adults and I am excited to walk that path with Savannah.  It was nice to see many faces that I recognized and I look forward to meeting the new faces as well.

After touring the school I came home and told Savannah all about it and how much she was going to love it and her response was ” I don’t want to leave my school” I explained to her that she will have to leave one day her school is only goes so far and she has to move on.. her response “I’ll freak out if I have to leave my school”.. hahaha.. She makes me laugh.

So far it’s been a great week.  Looking forward to the weekend.  I will leave you with a “Savannah random comment”

“Mommy did you go to yoga today“?

Yes Savannah I have my yoga clothes on.

“Those aren’t your yoga clothes those are your kitchen clothes”

hmmmm OK..

March 6th 2013

March 6th 2013

All Things PINK!


Happy Friday!!…

I have been busy this week reorganizing Savannah’s closet.. I have decided it is time to create more space so I headed off to the container store and with the help of Brooks we have created us more space!!  They are coming on Monday to install her new Closet and I cannot Wait..  If this turns out well my closet will be next!

Speaking of closet’s my dear daughter is obsessed with all things pink.. Pink shoes, pink dresses, pink leggings pink bow’s, pink undies.. Pink the singer.. You get the picture if it’s pink she want’s to wear it.  So putting her clothing together on a daily basis can be challenging at times luckily our favorite clothing line Matilda Jane‘s spring line has A lot of pink..   I have to convince her that there is always some pink in something she is wearing and once I get that set and we get on our way..  I also have to make sure PINK is on the iPod in the car.  Because it makes her happy and she LOVES her.  She loves Pink’s hair, her songs and the funny faces she makes.  Of course I have to find the edited versions but she doesn’t notice the bleeps at all.  Pink is coming to Charlotte in the next couple of weeks and I know Savannah is way to young for her show right now but I sure would love it if I could take her to a sound check.  She would rock out with PINK I just know it.  Savannah doesn’t have a shy bone in her body and LOVES everyone.  I know it won’t happen but you know you always won’t to do what will make your child happy and it sure would make her happy..

Maybe one day!!

Until then enjoy Savannah Rocking out to Pink!

Click Here:  Raise Your Glass PINK!