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Well we are one month in and back on the schedule.. I’m not gonna lie it has definitely taken some adjusting and the sad part is I was the one that had a harder time than Savannah… I couldn’t keep my gymnastics times and swim times straight lol..  So Mercy showed up at gymnastics and hour late and we had to do a make up.. Way to go mama.. But that’s all behind me now.. I just updated to the new Google’s Calendar Plus 5 and I am ready to go!!  It’s my favorite app as of today.. Well that and the You Version app.  One keeps me on time and the other reminds me where I am going..

Savannah is doing awesome this year and I love her teachers Miss Robyn & Miss Lynn.  So far they seem to love her too. Miss Lynn always thinks “she say’s the funniest things” and “loves her dresses” and they both think she smells good (thanks Amazing Grace Lotion).  Oh and I was asked to be Room Mom along with Hannah (hudson’s mom).. She’s such a sweet mama I am so looking forward to this experience with her.

On another note.  I was recently asked by Make-A-Wish to be a wish society Honoree.  I was beyond humbled and thrilled to be a part of this inaugural event.  The Make-A-Wish of Western and Central North Carolina will be recognizing 30 local women in the area for the Philanthropic and Professional successes.  I certainly don’t have a lot of letter’s after my name as a matter of fact the only one I have is SAHM.. So not sure why I was lucky enough to be included in this group of amazing women but I sure am glad.

The whole goal behind this event is to raise money to grant a wish.  The average wish cost $6000 and my goal is to grant as many as I can.  If you have never experienced what it’s like to see someone’s wish granted take a look at this video Or read this mom’s story This will help you understand why I am working so hard to make this happen.  Why I bug all my friends and strangers to help me make this happen.  To see the look on the kid’s faces and to feel the impact it has on the family it is worth every email, letter and phone call.  Please take a minute to read more about what I am doing and if you feel so inclined to help me grant a wish you may do so on my page at  AND if you can get me a Corporate sponosor I’d love ya for ever lol..

I will leave with one last Savannah Funny of the day..

“Mama do you have nationwide on your side?”


Have a happy night.