Since Savannah was born I had made up my mind that I would not get her ear’s pierced.  I felt that it was her body and that should be a decision that she would make on her own.  Plus she is forever putting things in her mouth and I certainly didn’t want to take the chance of a swallowed earring.  AND not to mention it hurts.  I mean it doesn’t hurt forever but it does hurt.

Savannah and I started out the day running errands.  It’s the last week of school and we have a packed week ahead.  We have several birthday parties to attend and presents that need to be purchased.

We stopped by Pandora to pick up our dear sweet friend Miss Wanda a birthday present.  While we were there Savannah asked the woman if there was “anything here for me” to which the woman replied ” are your ears pierced”.  Noooooo I don’t want my ear’s pierced.  I have told Savannah all along that it would hurt and that it wouldn’t last long but that it wasn’t going to feel good.  Kinda like getting  a shot in your ear.  I didn’t want to lie to her and her get in there and be mortified and think I lie to her so I chose to tell her the truth.

Well after I little trip to Pandora we had one more stop to pick up another gift.  After we were done I remembered that Claire’s was at the end of the shopping center so I headed towards Claire’s.  I told her she didn’t have to get it done but I wanted her to see what they would be doing so she would know in the future.  So off to Claire’s we go.

Once we got in the sale’s associate came over and gave Savannah a little tutorial about ear-piercing.  Once she was done she pulled out all the shiny PINK earrings and showed Savannah what she could choose from if she got her ear’s pierced.  And Savannah replied “ooooo I’ll have the pink sparkly heart earrings”. lol  I explained she couldn’t have them unless she got her ears pierced.  She sat there for 2.3 seconds and said ” OK I’ll do it”.. I was shocked.  But way to suck it up to get what you want..lol

So of course the store got slammed as soon as she decided she would do it but luckily by the time she had time another associate had come in and they were able to pierce them at the same time..  It was a little traumatic and she was a little dramatic but she’s very happy with them now and glad she had it done!!




After Heart's

After Heart’s

Ear's pierced

Ear’s pierced







About theparkersperher

Compassionate, Caring and forgiving.. I love music, Yoga and Dave Matthews Band. I have been married for 6 years and have a beautiful daughter named Savannah.. She truly makes me smile everyday. I have two handsome sons Justin and Jordan that I love as my own and Life is good. I have started this blog to track our daily life. I have a terrible memory and I want to have something Savannah & the boys can look back on and enjoy!

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