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Old McDonald Had a Farm


Happy Monday!!

Today started out a little grumpy.. Just when I think we are moving out of the sassy stage it rears its ugly head again.. I have began to question myself and wonder what it is I am doing wrong. Maybe I need to take a step back a breath a little more before I react. Or as our pastor said on Sunday sing a little song his wife sang to their children..

“I love you when your happy

I love you when your sad

I love you when you good

and I love you when you bad..

oh I love you, I love you, I love you….”

Once I finally got her off to school and the fight of “I don’t want to wear this today” was behind me I went of to yoga which was much-needed..  After yoga I rushed home for a quick shower so that I could pick Savannah up from school a little early..  I had planned a little field trip with her and the Franck’s today at the Whispering Hope Farm in Gastonia.  Today was the annual sheep shearing day and petting farm.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect but it’s always a good time with the Franck’s plus I get to see my beautiful god-daughter Ella. And bonus my great friend Jim (Sonja’s dad) who brought us all together was there too.  So we drive out to the country park on the side of the road and head up this steep hill to someone’s house who has a barn, a couple of horses, goats, chickens & rabbits.  It was a great time.. The baby goats were so used to being held they didn’t even flinch when the kids picked them up or petted them.  We got to see a lamb being sheared and Ella & Jackson took a couple of   laps around the arena on the horse..  All in all it was a great trip.

After a good ride home I could tell priss was getting a little antsy missing naps is not a good idea for us.  The evening never ends well. After a few games of operation and candyland daddy was home.. Tag your it.  They went outside and planted flowers for a while and needless to say savannah ended up wet.  Which is bad for 2 reason’s… 1 she had already changed close once since we got home from the farm and 2 I knew as soon as she got wet she would want to change again.  Let the battle begin.   Reasoning with a 3 1/2 year old is useless.  So up the stairs she went and up the stairs I went after her.

No you cannot wear your dress shoes outside you can wear your tennis shoe’s..


You can wear these shoes or stay in the house it’s your choice.

Hmmmp arms crossed lip poked out..

I headed downstairs only to hear her scream at the top of her lungs.  Which I myself would like to do sometimes.. FYI.. At this point the line had been drawn and she has jumped waaaaayyyyyy over it.. So back up the stairs I go..I will spare the details but will say there were tears and early bath and off to bed.  Why why why does she test???  I give her the world all she has to do is listen, be respectful and follow the rules.. OMG your life would be so easy!!  Fake it..  I sure hope she catches on soon.. Although I will say even though I have to be the disciplinarian she still want’s to be with me all the time.. And even though we have these day’s the good far outweighs the bad.

I will leave you will a happy picture from earlier in the day..

Savannah & baby goat

Savannah & baby goat








I would also like to send out a prayer to all those affected by the Boston bombing today.. My heart go’s out to you all.




Well it’s hard to believe that in just 2 short months Savannah will be 4.  Time to start planning the birthday party..  For weeks I have asked her what type of party she would like to have and for weeks she has said “Meg” she is the girl who is on the Disney Hercules  movie.. REALLY??  all the princess’s and you want one that has NO decorations at all.. Ummm we need a plan B..

So as her birthday draws closer it seems I always reflect back to when I was pregnant and when Savannah was born.  When they say time flies it really does.  I can still remember those first 2 weeks of sleep deprivation and finally breaking down and calling my friend Lisa “NiNi” to come over and please hold Savannah while I sleep for 2 hours. Which ended up being  3.  I seriously did not think I was going to make it but I did.  And what an amazing journey it has been so far.

During my pregnancy I made the decision to leave my job after Savannah was born and be a Stay at home mom or SAHM for short.  It has proven to be the hardest job I have ever had.  Mom is 24/7 even when you say you are off you are still on… Sleeping with one eye open for the rest of your life.  Mom’s job is never done and our hearts never rest.  And I wouldn’t trade it for the world even on the bratty OMG what is wrong with you days.  But from time to time we do need a break..

While I was pregnant I knew that I would eventually need a nanny to come in and care for Savannah so that I could get out of the house for 2-3 hours a day.  I prayed every night for Savannah to have wisdom, Health and faith in God.  I also prayed for that perfect someone to come into our lives who would love and care for Savannah as much as we do.  I wanted someone who was bilingual so that she could teach Savannah spanish starting at an early age.  I wanted someone who was a Loving, Kind Christian and had worked with children before.   If you don’t believe that prayers are answered you have not met Mercy.

I started looking for someone when Savannah was around 6 months and one day I just happen to ask a friend if she knew of anyone that fit my criteria  and she said yes my sister in law.  I truly believe that God answered my prayers and sent us Mercy.  She is the kindest most loving woman I have ever met.  When I met Mercy for an interview she was teaching spanish part-time at a Christian school.. I couldn’t believe it.  I was sold the moment I met her.  Of course I checked her references and her background but it didn’t take me long to realize she was a gift.

Mercy has loved and cared for Savannah for the last 3 1/2 years.  When Mercy is with her she doesn’t just sit her in front of a TV and go about her business she educates her.  Savannah could count to 10 in spanish before she could english.  I cannot say enough good things about this woman.  And Savannah LOVES her.  She cannot wait till Mercy comes back.

I have known for a while the older Savannah get’s the more she will go to school and the less we will need Mercy during the day.  Well this breaks my heart because I always see Mercy a part of our life.  I have told her that even though Savannah goes off to school I would still like for her to come and tutor Savannah and be in her life.  And she has agreed.

Well this year Savannah will start pre-school 4 day’s a week and I knew that Mercy had been looking for a job and today she told me that she had interviewed for a position at a pre-school and they loved her and wanted her to start as soon as possible.  I knew this day would come but it didn’t make it any easier.  WE LOVE HER.. and it was all I could do not to let her hear me cry.  Mercy only comes 2 days a week now so it’s not that I will miss the help so much as I will miss her.  I am sad that Savannah will not get to see her twice a week and I am sad that time has flown so fast.  So as the tears start to fill my eyes again I am sad that the woman who has LOVED my child with all her heart will not be here on a regular basis.

I have always told Mercy that even though Savannah will grow and get older I always see Mercy as a part of our life and I pray that will always be.


Mercy & Savannah

Mercy & Savannah