Wear your sunscreen


We are all told to wear our sunscreen when we are young but do we do it??? Noooo we want that golden tan.. That baby oil, Crisco, Afro sheen, Butter burn your skin to a crisp tan.  What we don’t think about is paying for it when we are older.

I was never much of a sun worshiper until later in life so I’ve kinda been lucky although I do have some sun spots it is nowhere near what it could be had I loved the sun a little more.  I mean don’t get me wrong I had my share of burns but not ever day every weekend..

My husband Jeff on the other hand was a Sun worshiper and still is although he wears sunscreen now he wishes he would have been a little less hard-headed and worn it then.  Several weeks ago he had to go and have a mole removed and they called him back and informed him they will need to go back in and cut out more.  So today was the day.. Now as most of you know men are big babies when it comes to any type of “procedure”.  And I know this is not an office visit to take lightly but trust me when I say he has definitely took it to the next level. hahaha..  So he had his “procedure” today and have several stitches later I am happy to report he has survived.. Now mind you he is still numb so I can only imagine what tomorrow will hold for us but I would be willing to bet he will be 100% come Wednesday “Golf Day”..lol

You may be familiar with the Disney Show Doc McStuffins where a little girls mommy is a Dr. and her daughter goes to her playhouse and all her stuffed animals come to life and she fixes them when they have tears or bumps and bruises.  Well Savannah LOVES this show and she has decided she would make sure daddy checked out ok.

Doc McSavannah

Doc McSavannah


Blood Pressure..Check


Reflex’s.. Check

Doc McSavanah

Temperature.. Check








Looks like she has been taking notes from our Pediatrician..

Needless to say Savannah gets covered in her “Sunscream”, as she calls it, every time were out in the sun!!  She will thank me later.




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