Touring Schools for Junior Kindergarten already


Wow…. it is so true when they say time flies..  It seemed like yesterday when I was going to Charlotte Christian School to watch the boys play baseball or football.. and volunteer in the snack shack..

State Champions

State Champions

State Championship 2008

State Championship 2008

They won the State Championship in Football & Baseball  what an awesome year!!

And now I have walked back onto the campus to start all over again.. and I can’t WAIT!!  I toured the school and their program and message is awesome!  I just know Savannah is going to love Charlotte Christian as much as the boys did..  I have seen so many kid’s leave that school that are growing into mature, respectful adults and I am excited to walk that path with Savannah.  It was nice to see many faces that I recognized and I look forward to meeting the new faces as well.

After touring the school I came home and told Savannah all about it and how much she was going to love it and her response was ” I don’t want to leave my school” I explained to her that she will have to leave one day her school is only goes so far and she has to move on.. her response “I’ll freak out if I have to leave my school”.. hahaha.. She makes me laugh.

So far it’s been a great week.  Looking forward to the weekend.  I will leave you with a “Savannah random comment”

“Mommy did you go to yoga today“?

Yes Savannah I have my yoga clothes on.

“Those aren’t your yoga clothes those are your kitchen clothes”

hmmmm OK..

March 6th 2013

March 6th 2013

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