Oh be careful little ears what cha hear…


It was a great weekend nothing to exciting.. Dinner on Saturday night with the family at Upstream

Mommy & Savannah Upstream

Mommy & Savannah










& church on Sunday. Which made it a great start to the week.  It snowed again on Saturday but didn’t stick so as fast as it came down it was gone.

Catching Snow

Catching Snow








Monday is a school day so we were up and atom this morning and off to school early so mama could get some yoga in before pick up..  And Savannah is learning so much at her school. It amazes me daily the things that she just randomly spits out.. some good and some bad lol..  On Saturday morning we were hanging around the house before gymnastics and she just started singing the Months of the year.. All of them. In order.. Now I know this is my first child and I don’t have anything to compare it to but OMG is that not awesome for a 3 year old??? I don’t know I thought it was pretty awesome,  it may be normal for 3 year old to know the months of the year but I was kinda surprised.. And she is learning all at her school. Her teachers are so great.  We are so thankful to have them this year.  I teach her what I can but learning the months of the year was not on my teaching radar.  haha.

Since I have had Savannah we have had to seriously watch what we say.. You know a lot of words get replaced for example “are you freaking kidding me”, ” Dangit” “shoot” are words we TRY to use.  But every now and then those words we don’t mean to use slip.  Like for instance when the DAMN squirrels continue to get to my bird feeder no matter what I try to do to keep them away.  Those little gluten’s drive me crazy.  I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t mind if they eat but they eat it ALL..  ugh anyway you get the point the squirrels need to share more.

So today when we got home from school I got Savannah out of the car and as I was getting the rest of the stuff out of the car and ” MOMMY it’s a DAMN SQUIRREL” says my 3 year old as she is standing in the driveway pointing to the squirrel across the street.. And I like a dummy say “WHAT” and she repeats “It’s a DAMN SQUIRREL”.. to which I reply “no no no babe it’s a dang squirrel” that’s all I had. I tried to explain it was a bad word and mommy shouldn’t say it either. Now I pray she doesn’t go to school and say it.


Note to self stop cussing at the squirrels when they eat all the bird food.  Little ears are listening even when you think they aren’t .



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