All Things PINK!


Happy Friday!!…

I have been busy this week reorganizing Savannah’s closet.. I have decided it is time to create more space so I headed off to the container store and with the help of Brooks we have created us more space!!  They are coming on Monday to install her new Closet and I cannot Wait..  If this turns out well my closet will be next!

Speaking of closet’s my dear daughter is obsessed with all things pink.. Pink shoes, pink dresses, pink leggings pink bow’s, pink undies.. Pink the singer.. You get the picture if it’s pink she want’s to wear it.  So putting her clothing together on a daily basis can be challenging at times luckily our favorite clothing line Matilda Jane‘s spring line has A lot of pink..   I have to convince her that there is always some pink in something she is wearing and once I get that set and we get on our way..  I also have to make sure PINK is on the iPod in the car.  Because it makes her happy and she LOVES her.  She loves Pink’s hair, her songs and the funny faces she makes.  Of course I have to find the edited versions but she doesn’t notice the bleeps at all.  Pink is coming to Charlotte in the next couple of weeks and I know Savannah is way to young for her show right now but I sure would love it if I could take her to a sound check.  She would rock out with PINK I just know it.  Savannah doesn’t have a shy bone in her body and LOVES everyone.  I know it won’t happen but you know you always won’t to do what will make your child happy and it sure would make her happy..

Maybe one day!!

Until then enjoy Savannah Rocking out to Pink!

Click Here:  Raise Your Glass PINK!

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