Learning the Disciples


Happy Wednesday!!

Two weeks ago I had a mammogram and was called to come back in and have an ultrasound because they think they may have seen something that was there that wasn’t there before….. BUT don’t worry.. yeah ok the week and half that I had to wait for my appointment I have to tell ya I worried A LOT.  But by the grace of God I had my ultrasound today and nothing was there.  The cyst that they thought they saw before is gone.  So for that I am very thankful.. But just to put my 2 cents in I think there need to be more radiologists on staff to read x-rays immediately instead of stressing you out for no reason at all.  Just sayin.

Savannah has had a great week so far my sister-in-law Cindy picked her up from school today (which Savannah loved) and once I was done with my appointment we all went and got yogurt.  No Nap today for priss so it is early to bed tonight.  After yogurt Savannah and I went and met daddy at the golf course but as Savannah and I were getting ready to leave she HAD to show me what she got today at school.  When I got her bag down she pulled out this little blue New Testament Bible.  She proceeded to tell me that she got it today in Miss Dusty’s class for learning Jesus’s 12 disciples.  Check out the Link Below:

I have to tell you I am one proud mommy I think this is not to bad for a 3 1/2 year old!!  I know God has great plans for her!

Have a great night!


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