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I am Matilda Jane…..


I will have to say there are a lot of perks to having a little girl..Loving her, watching her grow, teaching her to be a good person…ect

But one of my favorite perks is buying her clothes.  Before Savannah was born she had a closet stocked full of clothes.


We received them from baby shower‘s, family & of course I had to buy something everywhere I went.

I never knew how much fun it could be to buy little girls clothes..

My closet quickly took a back seat.   I went from designer clothes to yoga pants.. Meanwhile my dear daughters closet continues to grow on a weekly basis and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

About a year ago I discovered a little clothing line called Matilda Jane.   When I first started buying MJ I had no idea the impact this clothing line would have on my life.  You see Matilda Jane Clothing is more than just a clothing line it’s a family.

Denise DeMarchis  is the owner of Matilda Jane Clothing but you would never know it.  She is not untouchable or unreachable and is very hands on in her business.  She is compassionate, caring and giving, she is a mother to 2 of the most adorable boys you will see & wife oh and she has an awesome dog named Franklin.

The gang of Matilda Jane has made many trips to Africa to help build an orphanage, donate clothes & many other great things.  I know this because they, unlike me, blog regularly and keep us up to date on all the goings on at MJC.  So when I purchase their clothing it is much more than buying beautiful clothes I to am helping do great things in Africa, build houses for habitat for humanity and most recently raise money for a fellow mom who tragically lost her life. Yes.. a mom that we only new online lost her life and this wonderful world of Matilda Jane came together and raised over 50k for her family.. How amazing is that!

I Also love the personal feel of Matilda Jane Clothing.   My first experience with their customer service was when I had to return a dress for another size and I received a call from Carrie, being the huge Dave Matthews Band fan that I am I of course have a DMB ring back tone, and it just so happen’s Carrie is a fan too.  I felt immediately connected to her and we chatted about concerts and songs and when I received my dress in the mail I had a little signed note from Carrie.  With every purchase I have received I always have a little signed note from whoever packed that day to say “enjoy”, “cute” ect..These day’s customer service seems to have taken a back seat and it is refreshing to know that it still exist.

Now to tell you a little bit about the Underground world of Matilda Jane Clothing..  It’s a fun, crazy world with it’s on language.  There is the Matilda Jane Regular line and then there is the Matild Jane Platinum Line ..  The regular line is the cake and the Platinum is the Icing.  The Platinum line has it’s on web page and load once a week at random times.  You never know when or what will load.  Mama’s stalk this site for HOURS hoping they can catch a dress, ellie or ruffles.  If you do get lucky enough to be on the site when it loads you have about 2.3 seconds to get it in your cart and check out.  The rush is frustrating and rewarding at times.

There are many pages and groups set up dedicated to buying, selling & trading Matilda Jane Clothing.. I know it sounds crazy but it exist. There is Maddie’sCloset, SavySavannah’sArmoire, Honey Badger, Katya Kayabella’s Closet..Then there is the Queen of the Lookbooks.. Whom we all love and adore.. She rocks the page where we all go to get the know..  She has pictures, prices & sizes of almost every Matilda Jane piece you could imagine new, old and yet to be… she has it all..and the list goes on and on.  Most of us have a Facebook account dedicated to buying and selling our children’s clothing.  WHO KNEW??? And these women are all over the united states!!  I have even talked to a mama in Japan!

I have seen it all in these groups.. but the one thing that always keeps me coming back is the love that we all have for Matilda Jane Clothing and each other.  If there is a mama in the group that is suffering I have seen these women come together many times to raise money, send cards & pray for each other.  As with any group there is drama but the good definitely out ways the bad.

In June Matilda Jane Clothing holds their annual art fair in Fort Wayne, Indiana  where all these mama’s come together for one weekend to meet and buy girls clothing.. I have heard and seen all the stories and pictures and this year I am going to be lucky enough to go!!  I CANNOT wait.   I will finally get to meet the girls and guys of MJC and all my friends online.  I know it is going to be an awesome weekend!


Just to give you an idea below are a few outfits from MJ!!

Matilda Jane DSC_1589_edited-1 DSC_1460 DSC_1328_edited-1 DSC_0933_edited-1






Getting Savannah ready for bed can sometimes be challenging but tonight was pretty easy.  Daddy kept her entertained for most of the night and mommy brushed the teeth, tucked her into bed & read her a story on kindness.  

For the last week Savannah’s friend Alexis has been out of town on vacation and Savannah has missed her dearly.  I was a little worried at first because I wasn’t sure who she would play with at school.. The first day Miss Kelly said she kinda went from kid to kid and finally ended up playing with a little girl named Annaliese & a boy named Hudson.  So my mind was eased after the first day..  

Tonight while I was tucking her in I asked her to say her prayers and she replied “I want to pray for Alexis.” And I said ok.. So it went something like this. 

“Dear God please pray for Alexis cause she is not here.  She is away on a trip and I want her to be safe and be happy ever after the end” 

So glad she is forming friendships!!