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“Mommy do I have pooties?”


Happy Thanksgiving!!

It’s my favorite holiday! The only holiday where nothing is expected but good food, Friends and Family!!  This tradition became important to me when I was about 18 and Billy Cook (my boyfriend at the time) invited me over to his home for Thanksgiving.  It was the BEST food ever.  His mother Sunny has the best Dressing that you will ever put in your mouth and she would always make me an extra pan of dressing to bring home and for that I was very thankful.Every Thanksgiving I looked forward to spending it with the Cooks.  They always opened their home to family, friends and those who had no place to go.  They taught me that Thanksgiving is about giving & thanks.

Sadly Billy Passed when he was 21 and left a very big hole in everyone’s heart.  I continued to go to the Cook’s for Thanksgiving until I moved to Charlotte and life just kinda moved on.  I don’t see the family like I should but thanks to Facebook I can kinda keep up with their life.  I will always be grateful for their kindness and love.. And the value of opening your home to others.

Savannah went back to pre-school today and let me tell you she was ready and so was I.  shesh.. I love her but that child needs to have something to do. And being a human toy for 6 days get’s tiring.  So we were there bright and early.  Mama went to yoga and life was back to normal..

When I picked Savannah up from school we headed to the playground and let her play for a while with her friends then it was off to the house. When we got home I was getting her out of the car and she said “mommy do I have pooties?”  Of course I had no idea what she was talking about so the “let’s try to figure out what the 3 year old is talking about” begins.  I said “What?” she said “Pooties” at this point I am trying to keep a straight face.  Then I started thinking hmmm did some boy tell her she had cooties?? So I asked again.. Savannah what are you talking about?? and she said “Pooties mommy Miss Kelly had pooties.. Chicken pooties”..OK???  My next question was Chicken Pox?? to which she replied “no no pooties” “have I had pooties” and at this point I am convinced she is talking about Chicken pox so I said no honey you have never had chicken pooties.  Well we go in and she is tired so it is off to nap.  I decided I would email Miss Kelly and find out exactly what she was talking about because I was confused as to why they would be having a conversation about chicken pox. haha..

After giving Miss Kelly the breakdown of our conversation this is the response she sent me

“Ok. That’s hysterical. Actually, it’s Pirate’s Booty. I sat next to Savannah today at lunch and we were comparing lunches ;). She asked what I was eating and I showed her & told her it was Pirate Booty. I asked if she had it before & if she liked it. She told me she was going to ask you about it. Savannah is true to her word!”

hahahahah.. Pirate Booty Not Pootie… Gotta LOVE a 3 year old.

Happy Holidays.