Fresh Beat Band


If I haven’t said it before I am a HUGE music fan.. I have been going to concerts since I was 15.. I remember my first concert like it was yesterday.. My First show was Foreigner & Survivor it was a general admission show at the Old Old Charlotte Coliseum.. We got inline around 3 that day and waited till the gates opened and sprinted to through the doors to get up front..Those were the days before ticket scalpers..

It seems I have passed my love of music onto my daughter Savannah.  We attended her first concert.. The Fresh Beat Band.  If you have a child 3-6 you know these people.  They are a very popular TV show on Nickelodeon. I was lucky enough to snag 2 front row seats at the show and she had a blast!  Once we got there we realized that one of her classmates had seats right beside of us.  It was a GREAT night.  After the show Savannah went backstage and got a chance to meet them all.  It was a very exciting night.. So glad she loves music as much as I do.

DSCN1455 DSCN1489 DSCN1495 DSCN1457 DSCN1486 DSCN1479 DSCN1467 DSCN1464 DSCN1461


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