What happened to MTV?


I can still remember when MTV started back in 1981. I have always had a love for music and now they were putting a story with the music. I was in love. Remember the spaceman they had land on the moon and put the MTV flag out that changed all different colors?? I looked forward to that countdown everyday. And I had the mc hammer dance down to a t. The only thing missing were my hammer pants which I think I saw J Lo wearing on American idol not to long ago. Put them back in the closet J Lo please.
Having such a great love of music it is inevitable that savannah is going to love it too. Well as you and I know MTV is not music television anymore. They should change their name to RTV= reality tv or STV = sucks tv. I can’t tell you the last time I actually saw a music video on MTV. I usually flip between vh1, vh1 classics, gac, cma or palladium even shoes video sometimes. But you usually have to catch them in the morning.

Savannah has really gotten into music lately and she always has to know who is singing. So thanks to Mr. Steve Jobs, apple tv and the iTunes store I pretty much can watch any video I want, for a small fee, forever. Well worth it in my opinion. So the other night I decided I will download some videos for savannah to watch. I like to keep her well-rounded in music but clean so I got Dave Matthews ( of course) Eh Hee, Kiss Shout it out loud, Joan Jett I love rock n roll and several others but she has had these on repeat since she saw them.
Her question about the Dave Matthews video was ” why is he putting on make up mommy?’, what are those ballerinas doing?” The kiss video well she is just in awww and walks around sticking her tongue out like gene and wonders why Paul Stanley doesn’t have on a shirt. Now the Joan Jett was a little confusing. She kept asking me to see the black video. ” I want to see the black video mommy.” I had no idea what she was talking about. I was pointing to the Stevie wonder, Marvin Gaye or the Jackson 5 videos and she kept insisting is was the “black one” not those. So I sat down with her and scrolled thru all the videos and she pointed to Joan Jett. Because if you remember the I love rock n roll video by Joan Jett it was shot in black and white and that was what she was referring to. The video not the artist to her they were all just singers. It was the video that was throwing her off. So we loaded up Joan Jett and the black hearts and watched I love rock n roll. Of course she liked it. She is my child but she was a bit confused ” mommy is that a boy or a girl?” and I replied it’s a girl honey and mommy use to have hair just like her. Haha. Maybe that’s why I never had a date in high school. Haha
Savannah is also a big fan of Adele’s and I can’t wait to share a video with you soon.

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