First Week of school = Success


Savannah’s first week of school went off without a hitch.. I love her teacher she is so on the ball.  She has set up a shutter fly account and posted all of the pictures she has taken for the first week.  How cool is that.  Last year I had to wait to till the end of the year to get pictures.

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE music.  All of it.  My playlist consists of everything from Bach, Disturbed, Taylor swift, Kanye West, Adele and my all time favorite Dave Matthews Band.  When I was pregnant with Savannah every night I would plug-in my iPod and stick headphones on my belly and play classical music for 45min or so.  I always heard that it was good for them and either way I didn’t think it would hurt.  So practically Savannah’s whole life she has listened to music.  I want her to love all music so I try to mix it up a bit and make her play list very well-rounded.

It started out with Jesus Loves Me 

Then we progressed to Dave Matthews Band You & Me 

Then one of her favorites Forget you the glee version 

And the list goes on and on..  So it was no surprise when I picked up Savannah on Friday afternoon that Ms. Kelly told me they were singing in class today and Savannah says “No Ms. Kelly that is not Gotye” and proceeds to sing his song Someone that I use to know.  Then she says Savannah started telling her about Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley from Kiss and how Gene sticks his tongue out and of course she demonstrated. I laughed of course but then I felt like I needed to explain why she knew who Kiss was.. OMG it was a classic moment.  I’m sure she hasn’t had many 3 year olds tell her about Kiss.

When we got in the car I suggested she sing Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye next time.  Ms. Kelly may like them a little better.

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