Day 2 — Back on Schedule


Ok it’s only Tuesday and I am exhausted.   Savannah went back to Dance Class this morning and Loved it of course.  Although I think the only reason she really loves it is because she get’s candy at the end if she’s good. haha.

I dropped Savannah and Mercy off at dance and ran to pick up the paint for Savannah’s room.  She has decided she want’s a princess room and it needs to be pink.  So we are off and running with that project.  Pottery Barn Kids look out.

After nap Savannah went back to the Dance Studio for tumbling.  It was a crazy madhouse in there.  I have never seen so many “Dance Mom’s” in one place. WOW.  So I quietly found a corner and sat for 30min while priss got her tumbling on.

My motto is keep her busy and she will get in less trouble.  I am hoping by the time she turns 4 she will narrow down her extra curricular activities and find one she really LOVES.  My guess is gonna be Gymnastics.  We will see.

I’m off to bed I’m sleeping and my shoulder hurts.  Looks like that rotator-cuff surgery is going to happen wether I want it to or not.

Good Night


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