First Day Back to Pre-School


Today was Savannah’s first day back to preschool..  We weren’t’  really nervous at all.  I have been talking about going back to school and seeing some of her old friends and making some new ones for a while now.  I didn’t want her to be surprised when I said oh by the way it’s time to go back to school.  So I have been pumping it up a bit.  Trying to get her excited.   I wasn’t really worried but you never know.  That separation anxiety can creep in when you least expect it.  But luckily it didn’t today!!

I got up early this morning made her breakfast had her clothes picked out and when it was time to load up she was ready!





Drop off went great!!  She didn’t even look back.. Unfortunately it wasn’t like that for all the mommy’s but hey been there done that.. Just glad my drop off was tear free.

Mommy was off to yoga then after yoga I met Nini (Lisa) to pick out color’s for Savannah’s new “Princess Room”.  Yes she has asked me to paint her room pink and make it a princess room so like any good mother I have enlisted my Interior Decorator friend at to help me create a princess room..

While the princess was sleeping mommy did some much cleaning out of the princess’s closet.  I have got to let go of her clothes.  It’s like I try to keep them because “I know she will wear it eventually” not.

Shortly after she woke up daddy came home “yay”.  We spent most of the evening outside.  I told Savannah I would go swim with her but once I felt the chill of the water I changed my mind.  But she wasn’t having none of it so I told her I would sit with her while she swam but I wasn’t getting in she complied.  It wasn’t 10 min after she got in that she was cold.  Told ya so.

So we just hung around outside for a while.  I had received a phone call from my mom and as I was talking to her Savannah was milling around the yard with her dad helping him water plants and trim palm trees.  After they were done I noticed that she was sitting on the sidewalk with her arms out in front of her having a conversation.

As I walked over and asked her what she was doing I noticed that she had sat down in ants.  I said to her “Savannah honey you can’t let ant’s crawl on you they may bite.” To which she replied “mommy they are sweet and they like me”.. Oh my we may have a future vet!




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