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What happened to MTV?


I can still remember when MTV started back in 1981. I have always had a love for music and now they were putting a story with the music. I was in love. Remember the spaceman they had land on the moon and put the MTV flag out that changed all different colors?? I looked forward to that countdown everyday. And I had the mc hammer dance down to a t. The only thing missing were my hammer pants which I think I saw J Lo wearing on American idol not to long ago. Put them back in the closet J Lo please.
Having such a great love of music it is inevitable that savannah is going to love it too. Well as you and I know MTV is not music television anymore. They should change their name to RTV= reality tv or STV = sucks tv. I can’t tell you the last time I actually saw a music video on MTV. I usually flip between vh1, vh1 classics, gac, cma or palladium even shoes video sometimes. But you usually have to catch them in the morning.

Savannah has really gotten into music lately and she always has to know who is singing. So thanks to Mr. Steve Jobs, apple tv and the iTunes store I pretty much can watch any video I want, for a small fee, forever. Well worth it in my opinion. So the other night I decided I will download some videos for savannah to watch. I like to keep her well-rounded in music but clean so I got Dave Matthews ( of course) Eh Hee, Kiss Shout it out loud, Joan Jett I love rock n roll and several others but she has had these on repeat since she saw them.
Her question about the Dave Matthews video was ” why is he putting on make up mommy?’, what are those ballerinas doing?” The kiss video well she is just in awww and walks around sticking her tongue out like gene and wonders why Paul Stanley doesn’t have on a shirt. Now the Joan Jett was a little confusing. She kept asking me to see the black video. ” I want to see the black video mommy.” I had no idea what she was talking about. I was pointing to the Stevie wonder, Marvin Gaye or the Jackson 5 videos and she kept insisting is was the “black one” not those. So I sat down with her and scrolled thru all the videos and she pointed to Joan Jett. Because if you remember the I love rock n roll video by Joan Jett it was shot in black and white and that was what she was referring to. The video not the artist to her they were all just singers. It was the video that was throwing her off. So we loaded up Joan Jett and the black hearts and watched I love rock n roll. Of course she liked it. She is my child but she was a bit confused ” mommy is that a boy or a girl?” and I replied it’s a girl honey and mommy use to have hair just like her. Haha. Maybe that’s why I never had a date in high school. Haha
Savannah is also a big fan of Adele’s and I can’t wait to share a video with you soon.

The Princess room.


We have started redecorating Savannah’s room.  She told me a couple of weeks ago that she wanted a pink princess room.  And who am I to deny a 3-year-old a princess room.  So we me & my designer friend Lisa have been working on picking the colors, new bedding and bed.  So far we have picked all of it out and the painting was started on Monday and the bed was ordered today.  Bedding is on the way.  I took a few pictures of the before room.  I should have taken a picture before I moved all the clutter out to get a better idea but it’s better than nothing.

Before the princess room


Before the Princess room

Before the Princess Room

Before the Princess Room

Before the Princess Room






So now that you have an idea.  The walls were a light green.  Tracy started painting on Monday and has completed the walls, trim and ceiling.  He will start on the mural next week.  We are going with a princess and the pea theme.

At least it is a start and she now has a pink room and can sleep in her bed tonight.  Yay maybe I will get some sleep tonight.  She is so excited.  She asked if we were going to paint her bed pink too and I advised her we would be buying her a pink bed!

Other than the sleepless night we had a great day.  She was up early because I have a 14-year-old dog named Jessi that has to go out and use the bathroom at 6am everyday.  A least she let’s me know. Right?  So when I got up to let Jessi out this morning when I turned around to go back to bed Savannah was standing there.  I said what are you doing up?? And she replies “I brushed my teeth last day’s” (which I think is a combination of Yesterday & last night).  I said I know you did and it’s not time to get up let’s go back to bed.  So we climbed back into bed for another 45 min and she was up and ready to go at 6:45am.

We hustled around the house ate breakfast then it was off to pre-school!  She had a great day as usual.  Love her school.  Mama went to yoga had a lunch with Jeff at Red Rock’s Restaurant.   If you haven’t tried you should.  Very good.  After lunch it was time to pick priss up.  After pre-school we went to the play ground and she hung out with her friends.  We left just before the rain came.  I was so rushed to get her in the car I put her in took her shoe’s off and dumped out all the sand from the playground cleaned her feet then got in the car.  As I started the car I hear ” MOMMY YOU DIDN’T BUCKLE ME IN”  oh yea.. might not want to forget that.  sheesh mommy.  We get buckled in and head to the house.  Nap time.. The evening was quiet and uneventful just the way we like it.





What do people really think??


Well we had a pretty good weekend.. Hung out at the house on Friday night and Saturday night we went to dinner with all of our neighbors  to celebrate Lee’s birthday!  We all went to the Palm Restaurant and it was great!  Jeff and I use to go there quite a bit before we were married so it was nice to return and have a nice meal with good friends.

Haylee & Justin babysat Savannah.  We got home pretty early nothing to late and all was well.  They said she was a little whiny and wanted her mommy which I thought was sweet.  But then around 12:30 when the throwing up began I figured out why she wanted her mommy.  At that moment I was really glad I didn’t have that next drink it was a long night.  Poor baby threw up until around 4:45.  She never ran a fever so I guess she must have eaten something that didn’t sit right with her.  I hate being so helpless when she is sick I wish I could take it away.  But I do find peace in the fact that I comfort her.

Sunday morning she woke up ready to go.  Would have never even known she was sick the night before.  Man they bounce back quick.   We missed church because I wanted to make sure she didn’t get anyone else sick and she hung out with daddy after he got home from church.  They washed cars and did their target/Harris Teeter round.  She had a great time.

I was thinking the other day how people make the comment “I don’t care what people think” or “Why do you care what people think”?  Well I have decided I care.  Being a mom now I am put into many situation with other mom’s that don’t know me and I always want to make a pleasant impression.  I like to think of myself as compassionate, caring, outgoing and kind.  I always try to be personable when I meet someone.  I have a tremendous fear of stage fright but one on one I do pretty good.  But I think sometimes I may not come off as I would like.  I mean I don’t sit and dwell on it but I never want to give a bad impression.  If I have a chance to make someone’s day I take it.  What a great feeling that is.

With this thought in the back of my mind today I had to make a return at Nordstrom’s and I was chatting with the sales clerk who was extremely helpful (LOVE Nordstrom) and we got to talking about Savannah and my Southern accent.  She asked me where I was from and I told her only about 30 miles from Charlotte and believe it or not it’s a lot less Southern than it use to be. haha.  So as I check out she said “Ms. Parker you have a wonderful spirit” which in turn made my day.

So all I really have to do it be myself and the spirit I want to shine through does.  And if it doesn’t the first time I know it will the second.

Just remember never judge a book by its cover.




First Week of school = Success


Savannah’s first week of school went off without a hitch.. I love her teacher she is so on the ball.  She has set up a shutter fly account and posted all of the pictures she has taken for the first week.  How cool is that.  Last year I had to wait to till the end of the year to get pictures.

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE music.  All of it.  My playlist consists of everything from Bach, Disturbed, Taylor swift, Kanye West, Adele and my all time favorite Dave Matthews Band.  When I was pregnant with Savannah every night I would plug-in my iPod and stick headphones on my belly and play classical music for 45min or so.  I always heard that it was good for them and either way I didn’t think it would hurt.  So practically Savannah’s whole life she has listened to music.  I want her to love all music so I try to mix it up a bit and make her play list very well-rounded.

It started out with Jesus Loves Me 

Then we progressed to Dave Matthews Band You & Me 

Then one of her favorites Forget you the glee version 

And the list goes on and on..  So it was no surprise when I picked up Savannah on Friday afternoon that Ms. Kelly told me they were singing in class today and Savannah says “No Ms. Kelly that is not Gotye” and proceeds to sing his song Someone that I use to know.  Then she says Savannah started telling her about Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley from Kiss and how Gene sticks his tongue out and of course she demonstrated. I laughed of course but then I felt like I needed to explain why she knew who Kiss was.. OMG it was a classic moment.  I’m sure she hasn’t had many 3 year olds tell her about Kiss.

When we got in the car I suggested she sing Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye next time.  Ms. Kelly may like them a little better.

Are they listening when we are not around?


So far this week school has been a hit!!  So glad that Savannah is loving it.  She looks forward to going!!

Today we had swim class and Savannah continue’s to grow with each lesson she takes.  So exciting to watch her progress.   After swim class we had lunch with our friends Miss Heather, Adam and Jake.  Thursdays are our Chick-fil-a day so that is where we headed.  After lunch Miss heather had to leave so Savannah and I stayed around and I let her play on the jungle gym.

I am forever telling Savannah no or not right now or because I said so ect ect.  She doesn’t always listen or at least I don’t think she does so I often wonder how she acts when I am not around.  I always hope that the manners kick in.

Well while she was playing at chik-fil-a there is this one tiny spot on the jungle gym that kids can crawl under.  They aren’t suppose to but of course they do.  I have told Savannah not to climb under there in the past because it’s dirty and I don’t need her getting stuck.  So she was playing and I was casually watching and I over heard a little girl trying to get her to crawl in that space.  I was like great I don’t want to have to be mean mommy at CFA.  But much to my proud heart Savannah replied “No.  My mommy say’s I can’t do that”.  Yay Now if she sticks to that thinking the rest of her life she will be great!!  What are my chances??

Your reflection


Well we had another great day at pre-school. I am so glad this year has been such an easy transition. Savannah loves her class. And I am so glad she shares a class with some kids we know! I’m sure that makes the transition easier.
So far I really like her teachers too. Miss Kelly is on the ball. I can tell she is a very loving teacher but very strict too. Lord knows that’s exactly what savannah needs.
Today after class we headed to the play ground and savannah played with carter and Adam and I got to chit chat with their awesome moms. Miss heather and miss Lara. Very cool mamas.

Later in the afternoon I had mercy come and sit with savannah while she napped so I could go grab her bedding for her new princess room. I don’t know who’s more excited me or her.

You know as a parent you always have to watch what you say around a toddler because they WILL repeat everything you don’t want them to. If you spend enough time with them They are like reflections of yourself.

Savannah had brought to life many of my good and bad habits. I find myself saying “do I say that” or “do I do that” a lot. Its not ALWAYS bad but certainly always funny and tonight was no different. I always call everyone baby or babe. I don’t know why I do it’s just something I picked up. So you know inevitably savannah is going to do this as well. I have heard her call people babe several times and it’s cute. Well tonight as I was getting savannah ready for her shower she noticed a bump on my face (yes they always find the imperfections) and she grabbed my face with both her hands looked at me and said “aww babe what happened” in a sappy high pitched southern 3year old voice. Haha. I thought I would die from laughter.
Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Day 2 — Back on Schedule


Ok it’s only Tuesday and I am exhausted.   Savannah went back to Dance Class this morning and Loved it of course.  Although I think the only reason she really loves it is because she get’s candy at the end if she’s good. haha.

I dropped Savannah and Mercy off at dance and ran to pick up the paint for Savannah’s room.  She has decided she want’s a princess room and it needs to be pink.  So we are off and running with that project.  Pottery Barn Kids look out.

After nap Savannah went back to the Dance Studio for tumbling.  It was a crazy madhouse in there.  I have never seen so many “Dance Mom’s” in one place. WOW.  So I quietly found a corner and sat for 30min while priss got her tumbling on.

My motto is keep her busy and she will get in less trouble.  I am hoping by the time she turns 4 she will narrow down her extra curricular activities and find one she really LOVES.  My guess is gonna be Gymnastics.  We will see.

I’m off to bed I’m sleeping and my shoulder hurts.  Looks like that rotator-cuff surgery is going to happen wether I want it to or not.

Good Night