And Another Pool Party!!


Sunday morning was a lazy morning.  I had every intention of getting up going to church then heading over to a birthday party that Savannah was invited to but unfortunately we didn’t make it to church.  I just could not get going and I know that is no excuse but it’s the plain truth.  I have no other excuse.

So we lounged around Sunday morning then left around 10:30 to head to Alexis’s birthday party.  They live out in Waxhaw, NC which is beautiful.  I know we will never move but if we did that is where I would go.  The country with the city right around the corner.  So Alexis’ party is held at her community pool and this place was great!! It was like going to the pool at the Y.  They had 2 giant slides, An umbrella waterfall and these buckets that would fill up with water and dump out once they were full.  Oh and about 5 lifeguards on duty.

Well being the adventurous one Savannah headed straight to the Slide unfortunately you had to be 48 inches tall and she is only 36.  But once I saw the other children heading up there I sent her on.  Let me tell you she climbed up all those steps to the top of that slide and came down without blinking an eye.  Once she got to the bottom and came up for air the first thing she said was “AGAIN”.. hahaha so I sent her on.  This went on for about 15 min till the lifeguard came over and informed us the manager would be there soon and the little ones were not allowed to go down unless they could swim without someone catching them at the bottom.  Boooo who invited the So Savannah went down a 2 more times and one more before we left and she was good.  She had a great time playing with her friends from school so much so that she definitely wasn’t ready to leave.  But we loaded up and headed back to the house just in time for nap.

And mommy had a girls afternoon planned with some friends.  yay!  I have been wanting to see the movie Magic Mike.. I know I know it’s cheesy and has a terrible plot line but come on how can you not LOVE Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey & Joe Manganiello half-naked.  That’s worth the price of admission right there.  We had a BLAST!!  And  when Matthew broke it down to Dr. Love by Kiss I howled..haha  LOVE that song and how hot can a 42-year-old daddy get.  Shesh!!

After the movie we grab a glass of wine and dinner at my favorite restaurant Upstream!!  I think it’s safe to say Mommy’s afternoon out was a hit!!





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