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Summer’s at the Beach


We love the beach.  My plan for this summer was to spend everyday down here once Savannah got out of school.  All though it hasn’t worked out exactly like I have planned we have spent the majority of the summer here. This past weekend Mercy, Maria, Shelley, Sharon & Brandon have been down visiting.  Mercy and Maria left on Sunday and the rest of the crew is leaving on Wednesday and The Franks are heading in on Thursday.  I haven’t told Savannah that Ella and Jackson are coming yet she is going to be so excited.

I love being able to bring Savannah here and spend our days at the beach or at the pool.  Not only are we lucky enough to be here our friends Bo & Wanda live here year round and they have pool that is open to us when ever we want.  We LOVE Mr. Bo & Ms. Wanda.  Some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.  We have spent most of our mornings at their place swimming.

Our friends Jim & Cherry also have a home here on the beach and they to have been kind enough to let us camp out at their pool that has easy access to the beach.  How lucky are we??


Popsicles & Beach Nothing Better







With all the perks of summers at the beach there are down sides.  NO SCHEDULE.  and I run on a schedule.  And I am not even going to think about all the junk I am eating and drinking while I am here. Oh and no yoga.  I really miss my yoga.  I actually emailed my yoga instructor and asked her to please put something together for me so that I am not like a beginner when I get back and being the awesome woman that she is she did.  So for the first time I am going to try yoga on my own at nap time. I’ll let you know how it goes..

Savannah has picked up a new trick.  She has learned how to dive down to the bottom of the pool to get dive sticks without me helping.



Anyhow we are loving our Summer at the beach.. Thank’s Daddy (jeff)..


Manner’s Count


Today is show and tell day at swim class.  We get to go stand by the pool and the kids show us all their cool techniques they have learned so far in class.  Savannah continues to better her swimming and she LOVES it.

After swim class we had lunch with Miss Heather, Adam and baby Jake.  Then it was off to the beach YAY!

I am a mommy that is big on Manner’s.  I can remember all Justin and Jordan’s friends that were polite and respectful.  You ALWAYS remember those kids.  That’s why I am always stressing to Savannah “what do you say?”, “May I please”, “Thank you”, “your welcome” ect….  And for the most part for a 3year old she is pretty good about remembering to use her manners. But when I am not around to remind her I can only hope she continues to use them.

Today while we were at chik-fil-a  Savannah was chomping at the bit to get out to the playground and play.  As I was taking her high chair back to its place she ran to the door to go out to the playground.  I had one eye on her so I knew she wasn’t going far.  I noticed another mommy and her daughter go out and Savannah backed out-of-the-way and let them go and waited patiently.

Once we got outside she was running around playing and the Mommy that had passed her at the door walked over to me and asked if the little blonde girl was my daughter and I said yes.  She said “she is adorable” and I thanked her I thought that was so kind of her to say.  And she continued.  She said “I just wanted to let you know when we were walking out here your daughter was standing at the door and when we walked up she backed up and said Excuse me”. She said “I didn’t even think they could say that when they are that little. I just wanted to let you know because as a mom I would want to know that as well”.  I BEAMED.. I said thank you and that I am constantly working on her manners with her and I am glad to know they are sticking.

All children should be respectful and should want to be.  I feel like you get what you give and if you are kind and respectful 9 times out of 10 that’s what you will receive and it’s something no one can ever take away. I don’t care if I have to tell her a 100 times a day to say please and thank you.  If it works I’m ok with it.



“Accident’s Happen and that’s ok”… Elmo


Started out great!!  Mercy came and I had made plans to go have lunch with my sister that I just connected with after 42 years.  We don’t get to get together that often but it sure is nice when we can sit down have lunch and see how everyone’s life is going.

I am currently working on a picture room. I love to look at pictures of the kids from when they were small.  So I am currently trying to get all my pictures framed and hung.  So after lunch I swung by the framers and picked up some photo’s I had framed.  They will be listed on the “Honey to Do” list while Savannah and I are at the beach.

By the time I got home it was nap time so Mercy left and Savannah went to sleep.  After nap we went and met Tyler and Aunt Jen at the park.  They played for a while until the storm moved in then we brought them back to the house.  I whipped up some of my gourmet PB&J lol and the fed their bellies.

Savannah was not the happy camper at bed time tonight and refused to potty before she went to sleep.  So when I was woke up at 12:30 with “mommy i”m wet” I was so frustrated.  I know I know all the books you read say don’t be angry be encouraging when they have accidents but kinda hard to be encouraging at 12am..  So I get her changed and her bed and rock her back to sleep and around 4:30 I get another wake up call ” mommy”.. REALLY??  You have got to be kidding me.  So I head back upstairs change her, change the bed, fuss and put her back to sleep.  Well needless to say I have felt terrible all day.  I apologized to her for being upset and told her that “Accident’s happen” and that we just need to make sure we potty before we go to bed.  I told her I was sorry and she replied “I’m sorry too mommy”.. Which didn’t make me feel better.  I definitely need to do more yoga AND i am so ready for my bible study class to start back.  Having those positive’s in my daily life make me a better wife, mommy and friend.


And Another Pool Party!!


Sunday morning was a lazy morning.  I had every intention of getting up going to church then heading over to a birthday party that Savannah was invited to but unfortunately we didn’t make it to church.  I just could not get going and I know that is no excuse but it’s the plain truth.  I have no other excuse.

So we lounged around Sunday morning then left around 10:30 to head to Alexis’s birthday party.  They live out in Waxhaw, NC which is beautiful.  I know we will never move but if we did that is where I would go.  The country with the city right around the corner.  So Alexis’ party is held at her community pool and this place was great!! It was like going to the pool at the Y.  They had 2 giant slides, An umbrella waterfall and these buckets that would fill up with water and dump out once they were full.  Oh and about 5 lifeguards on duty.

Well being the adventurous one Savannah headed straight to the Slide unfortunately you had to be 48 inches tall and she is only 36.  But once I saw the other children heading up there I sent her on.  Let me tell you she climbed up all those steps to the top of that slide and came down without blinking an eye.  Once she got to the bottom and came up for air the first thing she said was “AGAIN”.. hahaha so I sent her on.  This went on for about 15 min till the lifeguard came over and informed us the manager would be there soon and the little ones were not allowed to go down unless they could swim without someone catching them at the bottom.  Boooo who invited the So Savannah went down a 2 more times and one more before we left and she was good.  She had a great time playing with her friends from school so much so that she definitely wasn’t ready to leave.  But we loaded up and headed back to the house just in time for nap.

And mommy had a girls afternoon planned with some friends.  yay!  I have been wanting to see the movie Magic Mike.. I know I know it’s cheesy and has a terrible plot line but come on how can you not LOVE Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey & Joe Manganiello half-naked.  That’s worth the price of admission right there.  We had a BLAST!!  And  when Matthew broke it down to Dr. Love by Kiss I howled..haha  LOVE that song and how hot can a 42-year-old daddy get.  Shesh!!

After the movie we grab a glass of wine and dinner at my favorite restaurant Upstream!!  I think it’s safe to say Mommy’s afternoon out was a hit!!





Party Time


Saturday morning and Savannah decides to sleep in.. Thank You!!  Well when I say sleep in I mean she slept till 8.. I can remember a time when sleeping in for me was 11..haha boy how time’s have changed and I wouldn’t trade it for nothing.

So once she roused her self out of the bed we had breakfast and we were off to celebrate Adam’s birthday!  Adam is Savannah’s friend from swim class and preschool.  Heather (Adam’s mom) and I usually meet after school and let the kids play and usually after swim class we go to lunch with the kiddies so it is safe to say they are friends.. Well at least today anyway..haha you know how 3 years old are some time’s they like you and sometimes they don’t. Luckily today they both like each other.

Adam is having a Car’s themed birthday party and it was a blast!  Savannah got to see several of her friends from class.  Ryan and Nick were both there and I think they both have a little crush on Savannah.  It was so funny.  Ryan and Savannah were playing in the pool and I could hear Nick asking his mom “where is Savannah”.   It was so cute and then when it was almost time to go Savannah was playing with Nick and Ryan came up and planted one on her right on the mouth.. which she promptly started wiping off saying “eww he has cupcake on his mouth”..hahah It was awesome!

Miss Heather did a great job with the party we had an awesome time and Savannah loved the cake.  She loved it so much she told miss Heather “this is the best cake I have ever had in my whole life”  and let me tell you she has had a lot of cake.

After the party we headed home and went down for a nap.  We hung out around the house Saturday night walked over to the neighbor’s house until bedtime then it was light’s out only to go to another party tomorrow!! Yay


Matilda Jane Girl

Savannah in her Matilda Jane

Busy Weekend


Happy Friday!

Savannah and I finally got to meet the new addition to our group of friends.  Harper Rose Honeywell!   We loaded up the car, Stopped and picked up dinner for them and headed across town!  She was so sweet.  It was kind of surreal moment as I sat there and held her I thought “I can’t believe Savannah was ever this small”.  I think back and it is crazy to think she is 3 now.  It was a great visit with mommy and Savannah got to play with Lily for a while then it was back home for nap time.

Friday night we decided to meet daddy and some friends at the golf course for dinner. Savannah loves going there and running around on the course in her bare feet of course.  It was a great night and she got to spend some quality time with daddy!

Ready to play