Last day of pre-school


Well we made it!!  I can’t believe this is the last day of pre-school…  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was prying her off my leg trying to get her to go in crying hysterically. As I, myself, stood outside the door with my own tears streaming down.  I had a mom walk by and put her hand on my shoulder and say “it will be ok mom”.  Wow it was so hard.  I’m sure the teachers were rolling their eyes.  After all they do this every year and they know the kids will adjust in a few weeks.  And she did.  Now she LOVES her pre-school and all her friends.  I hope the transition to a new class with new friends goes better when she starts back. I am sure she will continue to grow and mature at her school.  They are truly amazing there.  Now it’s beach time!  Happy summer!!

First Day of pre-school

Last Day of Pre-school


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