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Happy Memorial Day


What a great weekend!  Savannah and I left for the beach on Thursday after pre-school and headed on down the road.  It took us about 3 1/2 hours to get there.  She did awesome on the ride down.  She slept for about an hour and a half which was nice.  It’s so funny when I think back on all our trips to the beach and how it use to take us 4 plus hours to get there. No stops is nice!

We woke up Friday morning had breakfast and headed to the beach. Savannah and I packed our stuff and were on our way.  She LOVES the beach me not so much.  Sand is no friend of mine but I do it cause she loves it.  It wasn’t to crowded on the beach which was nice we ended up sitting next to a couple named Wilma & Barry.  They had brought their grandchildren Lily & McKenzie to the beach to play and you know Savannah doesn’t meet a stranger so she jumped right in with the girls and played while I chit chatted with Nana & PawPaw.. lol  At one point Savannah was actually calling them Nana & PawPaw

It was a beautiful day we had a brief rain shower but it passed quickly we enjoyed our day on the beach then headed in for lunch and nap..  It was perfect!







The rest of the gang headed crowd headed down Friday evening. Daddy, Justin, Jordan, Carrie, Shane, Carson, Caroline & Campbell Jean..  Yes it was a house full and it was GREAT! Savannah had the best time hanging out with the kids she wanted to go home with them after the trip was over . Friday night we ordered take out and just hung out around the house..  The kids played and Savannah actually stayed up till after nine.. Ugh..I’m a stickler for a schedule but since we were at the beach I had to let it go.

Saturday morning we were up early fed the kids breakfast then it was off to the beach.  It is so much fun watching them play together.  So glad they could spend this time with each other.

Beach Bums

Beach bums

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Group Hug

Group Hug






After a day on the beach it was nap time for a the little kiddies so we headed back to the house.. The worst part of the beach lugging all that stuff back to the house sand everywhere..ugh..

Saturday night was low-key we made it a mexican night and had burritos’ and stayed in.  Between the beach and the kids we were all  Saturday night Savannah, Caroline & Campbell decided that they all wanted to sleep together so they all loaded up in my room on Savannah’s air mattress.  Now keep in mind Savannah typically goes to bed at 9 and at this point it was 9:30 and believe me she likes her sleep.  But we let them try it because hey it’s the beach no rules right.  Well 15min later Caroline comes out.  “They won’t go to sleep” so she heads downstairs to her room.  30min later Carrie goes in to check on them and they are still awake just talking away and per carrie the conversation went something like this.. Savannah: “no Campbell we have to go to sleep”  Savannah likes her sleep.  Needless to say Campbell went to her room and Savannah was asleep in 2 minutes.

After the babies were asleep we sat out on the porch had a glass of wine and got caught up.  We love the Dunlap’s.

Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday. Beach Nap Bed.  Good Times.

Monday we got up packed up our stuff and headed home.  Savannah of course wanted to go with the Dunlap’s but alas she has to ride with her mommy.  It was a great trip home and when we pulled in the drive way she said “nooooo not this house I want the beach house”..  Me to baby me too.


Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me




Happy Mother’s Day


It has been a crazy busy May..  With the Well’s Fargo Golf tournament in town there are always fun festivities going on.  This year my son Justin played in the Pro-Am on Monday and he was so excited.  I was so happy for him. Sunday night they had the Pro-Am draft party to find out who he would be playing with and I was honored that he asked me to go.  We had a great time although I didn’t know very many golfers I was proud to be there with Justin.

Monday Justin played in the Pro-Am with William McGirt and me, Cindy and Savannah went out to cheer him on!  He had a great time.  And William was kind enough to give him pointers along the way.  They didn’t win but it is definitely a memorable day.  Oh yea and Jeff was the caddy for Justin.  Daddy was right there with him.  Great Times!!

Justin Parker Justin & Jeff Parker Justin Parker William McGirt, Justin Parker, Jeff parker Savannah Parker Cheering on her big brother.





Monday night was the Players Party at Andrew Blairs.  Jeff, myself, Jack & Lisa attended the shindig.  It was fun party.  Obviously we retired early because we just can’t hang like we use to.  haha

Tuesday night was the block party at upstream so we headed out with Savannah in tow to take in the sites and some music.  We had dinner at upstream then walked thru Phillips place and listened to the band for a while.  Savannah had the best time.. She loves going to listen to music.. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  After some dancing it was bed time so we headed out.

The rest of the week was pretty mellow until Friday.  Savannah had dance class/school and swim class.  I dont’ like having so much to do in one week I feel like she get’s left out.  So I have to plan better or just learn to say no.

Sunday I drove up to Landis to see my mom and pick up some Dave Matthews Tickets from an old friend.  Mom, Myself and my aunt Diane all went to lunch at this local diner and luckily my old friend Paula was working.  We have known each other since we were 6 and although we don’t see each other often we always just pick up where we left off.  It’s always good to see her.  Oh and we got to see her mom and son as well.  bonus.  After lunch I took everyone home and headed to Renee’s to get the tickets.  I haven’t seen her since high school.  She has a beautiful home out in the country with donkey’s, chicken’s goats, cows & dogs.  I LOVED.  I wish I would have brought Savannah she would have had a blast.  But she was at a birthday party that daddy agreed to take her too.  Thank you daddy.

Mothers day was exciting this year.  I don’t know why but this year seemed a little more special.  On the thursday before Mothers day they had a tea at school and we were asked to come to the class early so the kids could sing us some songs and have cake.  Who doesn’t love cake and songs??  So all of us mothers huddled into a room to watch all of our beloved children sing us mothers day songs.  Swoon….  It was great!  After the party we headed to the playground but not before a quick stop in the potty.  As I was trying to keep Savannah from touching everything in the bathroom by stressing “NO DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING” she politely looks at me holds her hands up and says “It’s ok mommy… Take a deep breath” hahahaha.. I just about lost it.

Busy weekend ahead..  Friday night Savannah and I headed to Fort Mill to what Ella & Jackson’s big debut in their recital!!  They did awesome!  Jackson looked so handsome and played the perfect prince.  Ella was a beautiful bumble bee.  I can’t believe they remembered all those moves.  So glad we could be there.

Saturday it was up and out early headed to Emma’s birthday party at the sport’s connection.  Fun Fun Fun.  Savannah met Emma in her swim class and her mom and I have kinda kept contact since those days.  They go to the same pre-school but unfortunately they are not in the same class.  We had a great time.. It was so good to see Paula & Emma again.  Hard to believe they are 3.

Saturday night Jeff and I headed to a birthday party for a friend who was turning the big 40.  It was great to see all of our friends in one place.  So lucky to be blessed with wonderful friends.

Sunday “Mother’s Day” We got up early and went to church then headed over to Mimi & Pop’s for a bit.  Savannah and I drove separate because mommy wanted to do a yoga class before the crew came over that afternoon.  So I visited for a bit then headed home to prepare myself for a little Mother’s Day Torture. Haha..

Heading to yoga I tried to prep myself for this class.  It is so intense (for me).. It’s extremely hot and packed and hard.  I LOVED it even though today there is not one muscle on my body that doesn’t hurt.  A good hurt.  The class was great and at the end they gave all the mommies a rose.. Sweet! After my hot sweaty yoga class I headed home and everyone was there!  So jumped into a quick shower and joined everyone else.  Jeff gave me a beautiful mothers day card and an awesome ring from Savannah.  I will cherish it forever.  Mother’s day has a whole new meaning when you’re a mom.  For some reason now I think about all mommies on mother’s day not just mine.  It is truly the greatest job in the world.  It’s very time consuming, exhausting and emotionally draining but it is the most rewarding job I have ever had. Being a mother has also helped me to be a better step-mother too.  I know how to love the boys now where as before I never wanted to cross any lines.   I love Savannah, Justin and Jordan so much and I am so proud that they are mine.

Mommy & Savannah