Times like these


Happy Saturday..

Typical week at the Parker house..  Monday dance class, Tuesday pre-school, Wednesday swim class.  Thursday pre-school, Friday free-day!!  Dance class went well.. she is flit and fluttering all over the place..  No time-outs at pre-school this week that’s always a plus.  Miss Mary Ann informed me that Savannah and Makenna love to play together but always seem to disagree at some point.  So I told Savannah if she can’t play with Makenna without arguing with her maybe she should find another friend to play with.

I got to go pick out the pictures I wanted for Savannah’s 3-year-old pictures.. It’s so hard to choose so of course I got them all.  Ugh gonna be in the dog house for that one.

Friday night Jeff, Myself and Savannah went to Del Frisco’s for dinner.  Piedmont row (where they are located) was have a block party and after going last week I knew Savannah would love it.  We grabbed a table outside had dinner and waited for the band to come on.  When they finally hit the stage Savannah had to be down front.  Even though we had perfectly comfortable seats with a great view.  So I head down to the front of the stage to take in the Executive’s.  She LOVED it.  She was dancing up a storm running around and then they pulled this little boy up on stage and Savannah was dying to get up there.  Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Might be a few concerts in our future.  🙂

So we hung out until around 8 then headed home.  As we were leaving we ran into this Gentleman that Jeff play’s golf with.  Long story short he was diagnosed with cancer last year and is a survived.  I don’t know much about it other than he wasn’t given very long to live but has survived.  I don’t think he has ever been married and I know he doesn’t have any children.  Just want to give a little back ground so the story will make a little more sense.  So we run into him as we are leaving Jeff is holding Savannah and we are chit chatting he”s is talking to Savannah telling her how pretty she is and she just reaches out and put’s her arms around his neck and give’s him a hug.  I was surprised.  Although she is very friendly she doesn’t typically hug a stranger unless I encourage her.  What happen’s next surprises me even more.  At that point this Gentleman breaks down in tears.  He was so touched by her that he was overwhelmed with emotion.  He looks at me and say’s I’ve never had children and I just love little girls.  Of course at this point I’m in tears too.

God always knows what we need.  I’m not sure what he was going thru on this particular day but obviously it was ment for us to cross his path.  It’s time’s like these that make me forget about all the time out’s.  So glad God has blessed me with her and I got to see him work thru her last night.

3 Year Old Picture

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  1. Just read this. So sweet. When we were down at the assisted living place for Chris’s mom, several people got their nurses to wheel them towards us to catch up to us so they could see the children, and especially “a baby!” I should work out a plan where I can dump them off a couple times a month. 😉 Children are a blessing. So precious.

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