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Times like these


Happy Saturday..

Typical week at the Parker house..  Monday dance class, Tuesday pre-school, Wednesday swim class.  Thursday pre-school, Friday free-day!!  Dance class went well.. she is flit and fluttering all over the place..  No time-outs at pre-school this week that’s always a plus.  Miss Mary Ann informed me that Savannah and Makenna love to play together but always seem to disagree at some point.  So I told Savannah if she can’t play with Makenna without arguing with her maybe she should find another friend to play with.

I got to go pick out the pictures I wanted for Savannah’s 3-year-old pictures.. It’s so hard to choose so of course I got them all.  Ugh gonna be in the dog house for that one.

Friday night Jeff, Myself and Savannah went to Del Frisco’s for dinner.  Piedmont row (where they are located) was have a block party and after going last week I knew Savannah would love it.  We grabbed a table outside had dinner and waited for the band to come on.  When they finally hit the stage Savannah had to be down front.  Even though we had perfectly comfortable seats with a great view.  So I head down to the front of the stage to take in the Executive’s.  She LOVED it.  She was dancing up a storm running around and then they pulled this little boy up on stage and Savannah was dying to get up there.  Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Might be a few concerts in our future.  🙂

So we hung out until around 8 then headed home.  As we were leaving we ran into this Gentleman that Jeff play’s golf with.  Long story short he was diagnosed with cancer last year and is a survived.  I don’t know much about it other than he wasn’t given very long to live but has survived.  I don’t think he has ever been married and I know he doesn’t have any children.  Just want to give a little back ground so the story will make a little more sense.  So we run into him as we are leaving Jeff is holding Savannah and we are chit chatting he”s is talking to Savannah telling her how pretty she is and she just reaches out and put’s her arms around his neck and give’s him a hug.  I was surprised.  Although she is very friendly she doesn’t typically hug a stranger unless I encourage her.  What happen’s next surprises me even more.  At that point this Gentleman breaks down in tears.  He was so touched by her that he was overwhelmed with emotion.  He looks at me and say’s I’ve never had children and I just love little girls.  Of course at this point I’m in tears too.

God always knows what we need.  I’m not sure what he was going thru on this particular day but obviously it was ment for us to cross his path.  It’s time’s like these that make me forget about all the time out’s.  So glad God has blessed me with her and I got to see him work thru her last night.

3 Year Old Picture

Sometime he whispers


Awesome weekend!  After a very heart breaking thursday the rest of the weekend was great!  After our night of no TV and no popsicle Friday was great..Although I knew it would be short-lived Savannah was great all weekend!   Daddy and I had a date night Friday night and as we were leaving Savannah said “I wanna give you a hug mommy” so I of coursed opened the car door reached down she wrapped her arms around my neck and gently patted my should and said ” I love you so much”.. that’s my sweet baby.

Then we were off to dinner.  We decided to go to Del Frisco’s because they were having an alive after 5 and thought it would be fun!  We ended up seeing a few friends and it ended up being a fun night.  There was a great band there, Jeff and I both regretted not bringing Savannah she would have LOVED it.  So next Friday she will be with us.  She Loves music and can’t wait for her to go.

Saturday we went to lunch with nini and saw her new studio.  We are so excited for her.. Nothing like watching your friends dreams come true..  She deserves it.  I know she will have much success.  Saturday night we decided to hang out at the house and have a low-key cook out with the neighbors and friends.  It it so nice to have great neighbors.

Sunday morning we got up and headed to church.  I LOVE going to church as a family..  The message was very interesting after the week I had experienced.  It really broke my heart to have to discipline Savannah and I kept questioning myself as to what the correct discipline should have been.  When our pastor David Chadwick spoke on Sunday one of his last points he made referenced discipline.  He said that even though we have t0

discipline our children it doesn’t mean that we love them any less or that they aren’t going to be our children anymore.God always has a way of getting his message to you” sometime’s he whisper’s and Sometime’s he Roar’s.”  It’s just a matter of us listening with our hearts.  I felt much better about the decision I had made and feel very blessed to have faith.


Sweet Girl

Savannah's 3 year old pictures.


Discipline. We hate to do it but it has to be done


Well after the great day we had yesterday I was riding on cloud nine for today. Daddy had a work thing to go to so it was going to be a girls night. Woke up made breakfast got ready and we were off to school. We have been getting there a little early so that we can walk Amelia to class her mommy just had a baby and can’t lift anything. And let me tell you it is so cute walking them in while they hold hands. Love it!

After drop off it’s off to yoga. I am trying my best to get back on my yoga track that I have fell off of and one great incentive is Marilyn my teacher and friend. Just love her. Don’t get me wrong I love all the women that teach at the studio but she’s my buddy. :).

After class I’m feeling great. I made it thru. Head back home to change then it’s back to pick priss up from pre-school. It’s a little over cast today so not sure if we will be heading to the park after school or not. I walk in an wait for savannah in the hallway as we all do. And I see her teacher motion for me to come over and I’m thinking oh no how many times was she put in time out today. So I go over and she says ” we didn’t have a very good day today” at this point I want to say damit but don’t think it will go over to well in the Christian hallways or in front of the teacher. Did I mention savannah will be 3 in June. So back to we didn’t have a good day she then proceeds to tell me that Savannah bit someone on the finger but it didn’t leave a mark and it didn’t break the skin. I AM MORTIFIED. And she also wouldn’t listen so she had to “go in the yellow chair”. ” she has been doing so good I don’t know what happened today ” at this point I want to cry because I feel like I am failing as a parent. Savannah has never done anything like this and knows better hell she walks around saying “we don’t bit our friends”. What happened?? Well her teacher wasn’t sure what happened because they didn’t see it but the one good thing out of this story is savannah didn’t lie about. ” yes I bit her” why? “I don’t know”? Lord help me.

Well needless to say no park, no tv and no Popsicles for the rest of the day. And definitely no girls night. I was so disappointed with her. She also got a spanking. I know some people will have a problem with this and others won’t but in my opinion when all other methods are exhausted its time to get her attention. So 2 pops on the bottom and she was off to nap.

Discipline is not something we as parents enjoy its one of those necessary evils. In my opinion I feel like you have set your boundaries early and stick to them or they will run all over you. Savannah has a great life. I just want to say to her come on girl all you have to do is listen and you can have everything you want. Lol. Get a clue. Don’t get me wrong she is spoiled rotten. But she will be respectful, have good manners and be kind to others or she will spend alot of time in her room. Hope she catches on early.

So it was a tv, popsicle-less night and to be honest we had an awesome time and she was in bed by 8:30. Say a little prayer tomorrow goes better.

Baby Birds


Happy Wednesday!!

Great day today Up early and out. I had Savannah’s 3-year-old pictures taken on Friday and today was the day I was going to get to view them.  I was so excited as Kym had sent me a sneak peek and they were super cute.  So I was out at 8:15 and Mercy was here at 8:30..

The pictures were Amazing.. She looked so grown. There was one that actually brought tears to my eyes.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was sitting there looking at these pictures thinking I can’t believe this is my baby.  I have a child.  It still amazes me today!  I am so blessed and thankful to God for giving me such a precious gift.

After picture viewing it was off to swim class.  Savannah is doing so well and on her 3rd birthday she get’s to move up to the Shiny Star Fish class yay.. I know this means nothing to most but to me it means I become a spectator and not a swimmer.  I think this will be a bitter-sweet change in our life.. One I’m happy that I won’t have to get in that freezing cold pee water anymore But I sure will miss that 30min bonding time.  In the end I think it will be great for Savannah because I think she will focus more on her swimming than splashing mommy. 🙂

So today we had a special treat at swim class.. they were filming some documentary on children and swimming…  Wish they would have sent a memo so mommy could have looked a little more presentable ugh..  I could have worn my good suit instead of my “I’m in a hurry suit” that you wear cause you are trying to get out the door and who care’s your going to see the same ole people anyway..  Just a little reminder to self you never know who you will run into or what will happen..So we may or may not be on TV I will let you know..

After swim it was back home and off to run errands.. We have a busy couple of months ahead and I have got to get it together.

We have a few birds that love to build nest right over top of our outdoor speaker.  Every year they build it the same place.  Well in the last couple of day’s the baby birds have hatched and every time we go outside we can hear them chirping away.  Well tonight must have been “it’s time to get outta this nest” night because we had 5 baby birds trying to fly on our patio.  Now why momma picked tonight, in the rain, to shew her youngins is beyond me but it sure was fun to sit with Savannah at the back door and watch that momma bird fly back and forth to those babies trying to teach them to fly.  Hopefully they all got off the ground and are safe tonight.

Time for bath.. Daddy gave Savannah a bath tonight and as they headed out of the room she ran back in and rapped her arms around my neck and said ” I love you to the moon and back”..  That is why everyone should be a mom..

I stink at blogging


I stink at blogging.. My intentions are good and I want to do it everyday but sometimes I don’t feel I have a lot to say and other times I just want to go to bed.  😦

Easter has just come and gone and it was the best.  So grateful for the sacrifice that Jesus made for me.  It was a long road to get here well worth it.

Took Savannah to see the Easter Bunny this year on Thursday with Aunt Jen & Tyler and she LOVED him.. Really??  Would have nothing to do with Santa but loves an oversized rabbit.. Ok. The Easter Bunny   So we spent the day with Tyler and Jen at Concord Mills.  We played in the play area and then headed to bass pro shop, Road the little train that goes around inside the mall then had lunch.. Love to have people to share our days with..  Jen & Tyler are the best!!




Saturday we went to Lazy 5 ranch for the Easter Egg Hunt and again we met Jen, Freddie & Tyler we also met Shelley, Rocky, Dara, Hunter, Landon & his grandpa..  It was an awesome day!!  They had this big field roped off and had this helicopter fly in and drop eggs over the field.. Once all the eggs were dropped the kids ran in and tried to get an egg of every color then trade them in for prizes.. Lots of fun for the kids.

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Landon & Savannah ready for the egg hunt




After the egg hunt we went on a wagon ride to feed the animals on the ranch..  Always a good time..

Lazy 5 Wagon Ride

Lazy 5 Wagon Ride

Lazy 5 Wagon Ride




After a long day at the ranch it was back to the house for a VERY long nap.. Yay for mommy 🙂

The boys were in town so we got to go to church on Easter sunday!  It was a good end to an awesome weekend!

This week has started out great!!  We are back to pre-school and back on a schedule!  We have misssed Mercy for the last 2 weeks and mommy looks forward to seeing her on Friday!


We are potty trained yay!!  Today when I sat Savannah on her princess potty seat she asked who got it for her and I said mommy .  At that point I asked her Are you a princess to which she replied with squinted eyes “mommy I think I am Savannah”

Good Night