Janurary 24, 2012


Sick day today..:( Savannah woke up (at 5:15) with a cough and a little runny nose so when I finally got her back to sleep I opted to keep her home from pre-school.. The first day she has missed.. I was kinda sad about that.  I’m sure she would have been fine she wasn’t running a fever but I didn’t want her spreading her germs to all the other kiddies in the school.  So we stayed home.

Daddy was kind enough to stay home long enough for me to get my yoga in and that was AWESOME!!  Thanks daddy.  So our day was filled with a shower, the movie Mulan, lunch, Feeding the birds then nap time.

Recently Savannah has gotten in the habit of using our kitchen cabinet handles to climb up and try to get snacks on the counter.  I tried to take the calm approach and explain to her why she cannot climb on the cabinet’s and that I didn’t want her to get hurt. While I was squatted down to her level and trying to get her to look at me so that I could explain this she said sssshhhh mommy sssshhhh I have to tell you a secret.. At this point I am trying to keep a straight face and I fell right into her game of distract mommy.  What Savannah? She cups her hands around her mouth and leans in to whisper in my ear “Do you want a popsicle mommy”?

Little Princess

.. No I don’t want a popsicle silly.. Now what was it I was trying to tell you.. Good job Savannah.

After nap we went for a walk because the sun FINALLY came out today!!  Nini & Wrigley went with us.  It was a nice stroll.  Daddy was home soon after and then it was dinner and bed!!


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