Janurary 23rd, 2012


ok.. Before I get to the weekend I have to add a few things Savannah said the other night when I was putting her to bed.  When we drive in the car I have created a “Savannah’s Jam” playlist on my iPod which is what we listen to 95% of the time.  Now in the Savannah’s jam I have a mixture of Music everything from The Fresh Beat Band (anyone with a 2-year-old will know who this is and if you are expecting you will know who they are) , Taylor Swift, Dave Matthews Band & Stevie Wonder.  I try to cover all the bases when it comes to music.  I want her to be open to it all.  So lately when we are listening to her music she always ask “Who is that mommy” and I tell her who it is singing.  At this point she pretty much knows most of the singers on the playlist.  So the other night when I was putting her down I went to turn on her lullaby cd that I play for her at bedtime and she pipes up and says “Mommy I want to hear Stevie Wonder”.  How awesome.. My 2-year-old KNOWS who Stevie Wonder is AND she wants to hear him.  Very Cool in my opinion.  I LOVE music and I expose her to so many different types of music because I am hoping one day she will appreciate it as much as I do and maybe even play an instrument if I’m lucky.. Did I mention she got drums for Christmas.

Ok so now onto the Weekend!

What a great super busy weekend!!  Friday night Daddy, Savannah and I went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner.  We have to get there with the Senior Citizens because waiting for a table with a 2 yo is not a lot of fun… You can only entertain for so long.   So anyway we went to dinner and it was good.  After dinner we walked over to the Blushing Bakery to pick up a few cupcakes because Savannah could eat them until she rolled everywhere she went. lol  And of Course daddy is going to get them for her.  So go in and are checking out the goods and the woman behind the counter says “oh did grandpa bring you to get a cupcake”.. OMG really and Jeff politely said I’m daddy and she didn’t hear him so she said it again like 3 times.  Finally I piped up and said “he’s daddy” and trust me she heard me.  I me Jeff and I are no spring chickens.  I will be 42 next month and he is 54 but damn we aren’t grandparent material. And this day and age people are having babies later in life and you just never know who is grandpa and who is dad so why the hell would you say anything??  Agravates the crap out of me.  So we get our cupcakes and head on out to the house.  Filled up on a few and called it a night.  Jeff was really bothered by the comment but I told him you can’t be offended by ignorance.

Saturday cold rainy day.  I sat around waiting for the direct tv guy to come and Jeff took Savannah to see Mimi & Pop.   That night Lindsay came to babysit and Jeff & I went to Leigh Myer’s to celebrate her 50th birthday.  It was a great time!  So good to see everyone and get together.  We have some GREAT friends.

Sunday up and atom off to church and Lindsay came with us.  So excited she really enjoyed it.  I would love for Forest Hill to be her church home. I really think she could grow spiritually with the church.  She said she liked it so we will see.  After church Savannah and I headed to Tyler Newell’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.  That was Savannah’s first experience with this place and she LOVED it.  Of course she wanted to ride the same ride 100 times but that’s ok too.  Again it was great to see everyone.  So funny our get together’s use to be celebrating someones birthday with dinner and drinks now its about the kids and chuck e cheese..hahaha we have come a long way.  After the party we headed home and it was nap time.  After nap we hung out and played daddy watched the games then it was off to bed.

Monday.. Cold rainy Monday.  Mercy was sick today so Savannah and I were solo and Jeff has been sick today so he laid around on the couch.  I took Savannah to dance class today and she did good.  I really think she is starting to get the hang of it after dance we headed over to the Franck’s to visit with Ella, Jackson & Macon.  Always good to see them.  On our way to the Franck’s I was talking to Savannah about her teachers and I was asking her their names and she was saying Miss Vickie & Miss Lacey and I said they sure are pretty girls Miss Vickie & Miss Lacey and Savannah replies “just like you mommy”.  It’s moments like that , that make you forget all the “I’m gonna pull my hair out moments” you have as a mommy.  I knew that sweetness would come back even if it is in bits and pieces I will take it.  Half way thru the 2’s and praying the 3’s are a breeze..

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