Janurary 17th, 2012


Happy Tuesday!! Savannah had a great day today!! Mommy got up early and was able to get ready BEFORE she woke up.. It seems like when I get up early she has some type of internal time clock that says’ “Mommies Up”. We had a great morning.. No melt down’s or anything wow I could get spoiled.

Off to pre-school. Savannah insisted on wearing her big girl panties to school. If you are a mom you know how big this is. The only reason I havent done this before now is because I hate for the teachers to have to worry about changing her clothes if she has an accident. It’s not like they don’t have enough to do. But I let her do it and she was Successful!! YAY Savannah!!

Mommy headed to bible study after drop off. Today was our serve day where we go to a local Retirement community and play games, talk & sing with the residents. I LOVE it. Today was great! We go once a month and I think the residents really enjoy it when we come. They may not all remember us but the time we are there they all come to meet with us. Looking forward to next month when I lead the group. Now to come up with an activity . Suggestions welcome.

On a sad note. The little girl we have been praying for Claire has passed away. She was 2. My heart is so heavy for her parents. I can’t begin to imagine what they are going thru. Life is so short. Hug your kids and tell them you love them. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

After Savannah and I got home it was a nice day out so we played outside for while before nap then after nap we headed out for a walk with NiNi. I am really trying to cut back on the TV. It’s so easy to just turn it on to get things done but it’s becoming a little to easy.

Now her and daddy are up in her room getting ready for bed. As I said before she has insisted on Daddy putting her to sleep because he lets her watch an episode of Dora before bed and now as I sit here and type I am watching them argue over its time for her to go to bed.. haha. Funny when it happens to him but not me. And she is up. Mommy is going to eventually have to go up there. You know this right?? I always have to go up. But that’s ok too. I kinda like being the last one to put her down.

Now she has gotten out of bed and turned her light on. Now she is making a run for the bed because daddy is coming back in. He’s turned the light back off and tucked her in “I want my mommy, daddy” of course.

Well I guess I better end it here duty calls.


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