Long Weekend!!


Why am I always behind on this blog.  I swear my intentions are good but for some reason I can’t seem to get it done everyday.  I was taking the “last thing I do before bed” approach but that still isn’t keeping me updated.  Maybe I should try the “first thing in the morning” approach..Who knows.. Maybe I will just get it done regardless..

So let’s get caught up.. Friday!! Mercy came mommy went to an 8am yoga class ugh.  I don’t think my body is functioning properly at 8am.. 9:30 classes are a little more my speed but you gotta go when you can go.  So off I went. Mara taught this class.  She is AMAZING.  If I could be half as dissaplined as she is I would definitely get this blog done daily.  haha.. And she kicks my but in yoga.  My legs were actually shaking.  After yoga went back to the house to get priss we headed over to Jeff’s cousin’s house (Renee) to see everyone since we didn’t get to see them at Christmas.  We had a GREAT time.  Savannah played with zoie, Lanie & cole.  Fun Time!!

After lunch we headed back home for a nice relaxing weekend!! The playoff games were on Denver Vs. Patriots & Saints Vs. 49rs.  so we opted to hang out at the house to watch them unfold.  Good thing we did because around 8pm I started feeling a little nauseous.  by 10pm it was a lot nauseous.  I must have gotten some kind of food poisoning.  Ugh up all night sick as a dog.  I have been trying to lose weight but dropping 2 lbs in a night is not the way I wanted to get it done.

Saturday morning I was still a little yucky feeling so I steered clear of food except for a piece of toast.  Daddy and Savannah had their weekend run to the grocery store so that gave me a little more time to recuperate.  Saturday night was an early night for me.  Oh and congrats Patriots & 49rs.

Sunday morning more of the same still Leary of eating anything we got up went to church Savannah got to see her little friend Emma who was in her swim class a couple of months ago.  She had a great time.  Service was great today.  I really like this series Chadwick is preaching on.

Sunday afternoon Lee & Denise invited us over for chili so we walked down there saw Nini & Jack spent an hour or so with them.  Savannah was running all over the place as usual.  Then it was back home bath/brush teeth & daddy is putting her down as I type.  Bath was a struggle tonight I don’t know what happens to the listening skills when a child turns 2 1/2 I guess they just disappear..  Lord knows I hope they come back soon..


About theparkersperher

Compassionate, Caring and forgiving.. I love music, Yoga and Dave Matthews Band. I have been married for 6 years and have a beautiful daughter named Savannah.. She truly makes me smile everyday. I have two handsome sons Justin and Jordan that I love as my own and Life is good. I have started this blog to track our daily life. I have a terrible memory and I want to have something Savannah & the boys can look back on and enjoy!

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