Jan 12,2012


Thursday.. Off to pre-school then eye appointment..  I can tell I’m getting older looks like the eye sight is going to be the first thing to go. lol   So off to the eye dr.. fast forward 1 1/2 later.. Really it should never take that long at the eye doctor. ridiculous.  I saw 2 different people before I saw the doctor. How many people does it take to examine your eyes??

So they suggested that I wear 2 different lens’.. NOT working I had a headache for 2 days. Done with that.  I guess I will just see a little less.

Back to school to pick priss up then it was off to the house.  Nothing to exciting today!! Other than going thru the terrible two’s LOADS of fun.. NOT

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  1. Did you go to Horizon over by Carolina Place? Jackson used to have to go there twice a year to have his eyes checked for this skin condition that he has. I DREADED IT. TOOK HOURS!!!

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