Did I tell you that Mercy was back!!!  So excited.. Love her so much..  So Mercy came today AND she was early..  So we milled around the house until it was time to go to swim class.

I had to sleep in that heart monitor all night what a pain.. Ugh hopefully that will be the first and last time for that not the most comfortable thing in the world to sleep with..And by the morning the attachments had started itching and it was driving me crazy.

So off to swim class we go.  I love swim class with Savannah.. It is so fun to see how far she has come since that first swim class at 6 months.. It is once of the best things I have ever done for her.. She is very aware of our pool and doesn’t even pay any attention to it when she is outside.. NOW im not saying I would leave her unattended But.. it has made her very aware of the pool and water.  Hopefully she will move up to the three’s before to long.. plus.. we love seeing Adam and Miss Heather at swim class.  Savannah loves Adam.. He also goes to her pre-school but unfortunately they are not in the same class 😦 But we are planning a playdate tomorrow afternoon with them so YAY.

STILL working on potty training.. Not such a good day today..Oh well on to tomorrow..

Oh Miss Sonja sent me some awesome pictures of Savannah, Ella & Jackson from our playdate.. I haven’t blogged about it because it happened before my New Year’s resolution to blog But needless to say we LOVE the Franck’s and look forward to watching these kids grow together..


Friends Savannah Parker- Ella Franck



Savannah Parker- Ella Franck - Jackson Franck







Good Night!!

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  1. You know we love you both too! Just imagine the pictures if I keep taking their picture on the steps over the years… We’re lucky.

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