Back to Pre-School..


Well the vacation is over and it’s time to get back on schedule.. Yay!!  Never thought I would say that!!  lol.. I don’t think there was a single child late today.. Just kidding..  Dropped Savannah off at school and headed to the Sanger Clinic.  I have been having some weird heart beats and just wanted to get it checked out to make sure everything is Okie dokie..  Met with Dr. Cheryl Russo to talk about the ticker..  What a super nice Doctor she took time to ask about me and what I was feeling.. We talked about her kids and where they were going to school.  She definitely made me feel comfortable.. My first impression of the Sanger Clinic is A+++++..  So after the visit they hooked me up to this heart monitor thing that I have to wear for 24hrs.. It should be a comfortable night of sleep..Not.  anyho0I take it back tomorrow and she will call me with the results..  I’m sure it’s fine just want to make sure.  I gotta live now.

Jeff and I met for lunch at Red Rocks it was YUMMY..  If you haven’t been go.. Our good friend John and his partner Ron have great food and an awesome staff.. I recommend the Charles’ Mo’s strawberry salad.. yum..  Or you could try the Jeff Parker black and blue wedge.. I haven’t made onto the Red Rocks menu of Fame yet but maybe one day.. lol

Picked up priss at school at 1 and she had a great day!!  She was hungry when we left so we stopped at Chik-Fil-A for her to grab a quick bite and kill some time till nap

Chik-Fil-A after a Hard day at pre-school

Oh and I didn’t mention that we switched to a big girl bed on Dec 21st.. It has been going great!! The first day at nap time was a challenge but she has adjusted very well.  I am so proud of her..  We are STILL working on potty training.. Lawd.. I keep hoping the potty training fairy is going to come in the middle of the night and poof it’s done.. A girl can dream can’t she??  Some days I think she has it.. Like when she wakes up from her nap takes her pull-up off goes to her potty in her closet (we put it there cause she likes privacy) and uses it before I get up to her room.. “mommy I go potty”.. Then there are days like today.. Mommy I pee oh & poop.. Already.. ugh.. We have to be getting close..

Ok time to close for the day I’m beat.. Nite Nite..


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  1. The Sanger Clinic is definitely top notch. Glad you’re on top of things and I want to hear as soon as you get your report back! That is too funny about that salad being named after Jeff! Red Rocks is one of our favorites, especially with it being so close to Mom’s. Chris actually asked me once if I thought that was “our Jeff Parker” but I didn’t know. Their calamari is amazing and I’ve never had anything that I didn’t like. As for the potty training. She’s close – you’re in the home stretch. Just stick with it. We had a bit of a regression over the holidays by putting Ella in a diaper out of convenience and more babysitters than usual. I do not recommend it except for overnight and Chris was even saying I need to get some pull ups. It’s been so convenient to just buy diapers for Macon and her since they both wear the same size, but I think they think of pull ups differently than diapers. For now, it’s all panties all the time and she hasn’t had an accident all week. Just think when you’re cleaning up after her, at least you didn’t wait and be one of those mothers that’s changing a four or five year old’s poopy diaper!! Gaaa-ROSS!! You should see the look on Jackson’s face when I asked him, “is it you??” when one of the other two has pooped in their pants! “Mommy. Please.”

  2. I will definitely let you know..

    Yes it is OUR very on Jeff his 15min of fame..
    I sure hope we are close.. I definitely do pull-ups except at bedtime. With her going to pre-school I don’t want them to have to deal with changing her clothes if she has an accident.
    I LOVE Jackson.. He cracks me up.. I can so hear him saying that and the expression on his face..

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