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Be careful what you wish for…..


Well a few months back I wrote about the love of a father and daughter and how happy it makes me to watch that bond grow between Jeff and Savannah.  I also expressed my hope in connecting with my dad.  Well I have an update.

For Christmas I decided to get my husband’s family tree done.  This is something we have talked about in the past but just have never done and I thought it would be a great gift for him and turns out he loved it.  In my search for his family I searched mine as well.  I was able to get the names of my 2 half sisters and with the help of Facebook I found them both.  And believe it or not they both live less than 40 miles away.  I was nervous and excited at the same time.  How do I approach this? What do I say??  Will she even know about me??  I am the product of an affair.  Back in 1970 when love was free and everyone loved one another my mom and Fred loved and ta da me.. so now you see my predicament.

So I looked at pictures and realized that Kristen (Krissy) and I had a mutual friend. So out of fear I emailed the mutual friend and asked how well she knew Krissy and that I think she may be my half-sister.  Her reply “We are great friends. I’m going to call her now”.  Panic set in.. and a few minutes later I received and email saying she would love to talk to me and I received a friend request and that was the beginning.

She called and we talked and she was EXTREMELY nice.  She had been looking for me since high school and she was so glad that we connected.  I am very grateful for this because it could have went a completely different direction.  Even though it wasn’t my fault she could have wanted nothing to do with me.  So we ended up meeting and I love her. She is kind and sweet and we have so much in common.  Krissy has only recently reconnected with Fred within the last 3 years and her sister still doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.  When we met she had yet to tell her family about me which I completely understand.  After we met a few times and talked on the phone we discussed telling Fred and how we each felt about it.  I was all for it but I left it up to her.  She called him immediately.  A few days went by and I didn’t hear anything as far as a response but hey I’ve waited 41 years whats a couple more days.. So when we spoke again I asked what Fred’s response was and she said he is still denying paternity..

Now keep in mind my mother had to go to court and they had to take a paternity test and he had to pay child support…. REALLY..  Not the fairy tale ending I was hoping for.  To think your whole life that maybe just maybe your dad is looking for you too and get hit in the face with this..UGH.. I won’t lie and say that it didn’t hurt but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.  It’s his loss.  I mean what a looser.  He’s 65 years old and still not taking responsiblity for his actions. Krissy on the other hand told me she was not happy with his response and told him exactly what she thought.  Thanks Krissy.

So at Christmas Krissy was making a trip to see him and she asked if I would like to write him a note and she would give it to him.  Honestly at this point I really didn’t know what to say.  Well I did but I didn’t think it would be appropriate to write.  But I wrote him a letter and sent him a picture.  He wouldn’t even read it.  Can you believe this guy.

So thru out my life I have wished for a father.  Someone to call dad when I really have all I need.  I am content to watch Jeff love our daughter.  THAT gives me more joy than any he could ever give.  On the bright side I have a wonderful sister that I have a feeling will always be apart of my life and I really look forward to meeting her mom.  I hope that goes well too.  I am not sure if the other sister will be receptive but we will see.



Janurary 29th 2012


Wow I can’t believe January is gone.  Time flies when you’re having fun!!  Savannah is still recovering from her cold her fever is gone but the cough is still pretty bad.  Saturday morning she slept till almost 9 which NEVER happens but I think it was good for her so I let her sleep.  I made us a big breakfast since she hasn’t had much of an appetite and LOVES grits I made us a good old southern breakfast.  Grits, Eggs, Bacon and biscuits. and she ate pretty well.  Daddy went and played golf so it was just she and I.  We played in her room for a little while, Played in the playroom for a little while came down stairs watch some tv.. Ate lunch then just hung out a little more.  Daddy got home around 2 so mommy headed out to run a few errands.  Plus I needed a break. The walls are closing in on Saturday night we stayed home Jeff gave Savannah a bath and I put her to bed.  It’s a great routine that seems to work although we need to do it earlier.  Jeff also informed me that when they were getting ready to get in the bath she got on our scales and said twenty-two Jeff said he looked down and that is exactly what it said.  He was like I’m not kidding and I believe him.  She is pretty smart for a 2 1/2-year-old.  I don’t feel comfortable leaving Savannah with a sitter when she is sick so hopefully next weekend we will get a date night.

Sunday morning still coughing but no fever big breakfast again and watched a movie and mommy when for a walk with nini and Savannah played outside with daddy.  It was a beautiful day today!!  so ready for spring..  Hopefully tomorrow she will be better and we can get back on our schedule..  Say a prayer.

Sick baby = Tired Mommy


It has been a busy week.. I kept Savannah out of school on Tuesday and thank goodness I did because by Wednesday her fever was up to 102.  She woke up around 2am on Wednesday morning and with her fever so high I feel more comfortable with her next to me. So downstairs to sleep with mommy we went.  It’s been a good week  for her in that respect.  It has gradually progressed from there and she has kept a fever for the last 3 days.  But being the trooper she is she has not really complained about it.  She missed her pajama party at school on thursday so we had our own pajama party

Pajama Party

Thursday night was more of the same high fever and a sleepless night.  So we made an appointment to see Dr. Jamie just to get us checked out.  Mercy came early Friday morning and that allowed me time to get ready before the appointment.   We go in and at our doctors office there are 2 sides the well happy side and then the retched sick side.  I hate being on the sick side its like we are  I wanna be on the happy smiley side.. But anyway we check in and head on over with all the other lepers haha and sit down.  They called us back pretty quick got Savannah’s weight 25.6 lbs with clothes on and showed us to our room. Needless to say she was ready to go.  So Dr. Jamie came in and checked her out and she was talking away telling him about the lady bug her daddy found in her room and his response was “wow how long has she been talking like that” haha it’s funny because to me it seems like she has always talked.
Let me say we LOVE Dr. Jamie.. he is awesome!! I only wish everyone could have a pediatrician like him.  From the very beginning he has always been laid back, supportive and very informative.  And he LOVES my child.  I can see and feel it anytime we have to go for a visit.  If you are ever in need of a pediatrician and live in the charlotte area he is who you need to see at Arboretum pediatrics.
So anyway just had to say that.  He thinks Savannah may have a little bronchitis so we got some antibiotics and we were out!
I promised Savannah chick-Fil-A after her appointment because I really haven’t been able to get her to eat anything and I knew she wouldn’t turn down a nugget and fries.  So we drove thru the drive thru she wanted to go in but I didn’t want her to get anyone else sick.  When we got up to the window I noticed that the guy that was working actually works at another chik-fil-a that is actually closed for remodeling.  I asked if he had moved and he said just till the remodeling was done.  Now here is another shout out.  Chik-Fil-A at arboretum in Charlotte, NC does it right.  I am telling you in all the years we have been going there I have NEVER received bad service.  They are the nicest most helpful people I have ever encountered at a fast food place.  If everyone modeled their business after this one chick-fil-a I have no doubt they would be successful.  They ROCK!! Miss Tamara & Mr. Greg always have a smile for us!!
So I have pretty much let Savannah watch TV for the last 3 days and I have some serious cabin fever so I can only imagine how she feels.  Although we did face time her brother Justin (thanks Steve Jobs for keeping family close) and we got a nice visit from Jordan on his way to Clemson.  I am praying that tonight she sleeps well although her fever was at 100 when I put her down.  Maybe tomorrow will bring her some relief.  Say a prayer.

Pretty in Pink

Janurary 25, 2012


Well another early wake up call.. Miss priss was up at 4:45 coughing.. 😦  And she had some how wet her bed thru a diaper.. must have seeped thru or it may have been the wwf wrestling match I had with her trying to get it on before she went to Anyway who wants to change a bed at 5am so I just hauled her downstairs gave her some Tylenol for her cough and put her in the bed with me.  After an hour of talking she finally fell asleep and we slept until 8am.. wow.

Sleeping with mommy is a big deal.  I am definitely not a fan of sleeping with your children.  I know everyone has their own way of doing things but in my opinion I think it creates independence.  Plus I want her to like her bed and feel comfortable in her room not to mention she sleeps sideways.  It was kinda nice cuddling with her but don’t tell her I said that she will want to be there all the time..haha

So Mercy got to the house at 8 and I was still exhausted and at that point I had missed my 8am yoga class so what better to do than go back to bed.  Let me tell you I slept till almost 10am.. I can not tell you how long it has been since I have done that.  It felt GREAT!!  We skipped swim class today due to priss’s sniffling and mommy cleaned out her closet dropped a bunch of stuff off at the consignment store then picked up Savannah some pj’s to wear to her pajama party at school tomorrow.  I sure hope she feels better in the am.

We met daddy for dinner at On the Border yuck.. why do I eat that food. I always feel guilty after I do it.  But damn it sure does taste good and this ding dang diet is kicking my butt.. But I am going to be 42 next month and I am hoping to be in the best shape I have ever been in.  Body by Visalus protein shakes are the bomb.  They taste good. I’m not kidding.  They really do and I have lost 4lbs only 8 more to go.. Wish me luck.

Sweet dreams



Janurary 24, 2012


Sick day today..:( Savannah woke up (at 5:15) with a cough and a little runny nose so when I finally got her back to sleep I opted to keep her home from pre-school.. The first day she has missed.. I was kinda sad about that.  I’m sure she would have been fine she wasn’t running a fever but I didn’t want her spreading her germs to all the other kiddies in the school.  So we stayed home.

Daddy was kind enough to stay home long enough for me to get my yoga in and that was AWESOME!!  Thanks daddy.  So our day was filled with a shower, the movie Mulan, lunch, Feeding the birds then nap time.

Recently Savannah has gotten in the habit of using our kitchen cabinet handles to climb up and try to get snacks on the counter.  I tried to take the calm approach and explain to her why she cannot climb on the cabinet’s and that I didn’t want her to get hurt. While I was squatted down to her level and trying to get her to look at me so that I could explain this she said sssshhhh mommy sssshhhh I have to tell you a secret.. At this point I am trying to keep a straight face and I fell right into her game of distract mommy.  What Savannah? She cups her hands around her mouth and leans in to whisper in my ear “Do you want a popsicle mommy”?

Little Princess

.. No I don’t want a popsicle silly.. Now what was it I was trying to tell you.. Good job Savannah.

After nap we went for a walk because the sun FINALLY came out today!!  Nini & Wrigley went with us.  It was a nice stroll.  Daddy was home soon after and then it was dinner and bed!!


Janurary 23rd, 2012


ok.. Before I get to the weekend I have to add a few things Savannah said the other night when I was putting her to bed.  When we drive in the car I have created a “Savannah’s Jam” playlist on my iPod which is what we listen to 95% of the time.  Now in the Savannah’s jam I have a mixture of Music everything from The Fresh Beat Band (anyone with a 2-year-old will know who this is and if you are expecting you will know who they are) , Taylor Swift, Dave Matthews Band & Stevie Wonder.  I try to cover all the bases when it comes to music.  I want her to be open to it all.  So lately when we are listening to her music she always ask “Who is that mommy” and I tell her who it is singing.  At this point she pretty much knows most of the singers on the playlist.  So the other night when I was putting her down I went to turn on her lullaby cd that I play for her at bedtime and she pipes up and says “Mommy I want to hear Stevie Wonder”.  How awesome.. My 2-year-old KNOWS who Stevie Wonder is AND she wants to hear him.  Very Cool in my opinion.  I LOVE music and I expose her to so many different types of music because I am hoping one day she will appreciate it as much as I do and maybe even play an instrument if I’m lucky.. Did I mention she got drums for Christmas.

Ok so now onto the Weekend!

What a great super busy weekend!!  Friday night Daddy, Savannah and I went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner.  We have to get there with the Senior Citizens because waiting for a table with a 2 yo is not a lot of fun… You can only entertain for so long.   So anyway we went to dinner and it was good.  After dinner we walked over to the Blushing Bakery to pick up a few cupcakes because Savannah could eat them until she rolled everywhere she went. lol  And of Course daddy is going to get them for her.  So go in and are checking out the goods and the woman behind the counter says “oh did grandpa bring you to get a cupcake”.. OMG really and Jeff politely said I’m daddy and she didn’t hear him so she said it again like 3 times.  Finally I piped up and said “he’s daddy” and trust me she heard me.  I me Jeff and I are no spring chickens.  I will be 42 next month and he is 54 but damn we aren’t grandparent material. And this day and age people are having babies later in life and you just never know who is grandpa and who is dad so why the hell would you say anything??  Agravates the crap out of me.  So we get our cupcakes and head on out to the house.  Filled up on a few and called it a night.  Jeff was really bothered by the comment but I told him you can’t be offended by ignorance.

Saturday cold rainy day.  I sat around waiting for the direct tv guy to come and Jeff took Savannah to see Mimi & Pop.   That night Lindsay came to babysit and Jeff & I went to Leigh Myer’s to celebrate her 50th birthday.  It was a great time!  So good to see everyone and get together.  We have some GREAT friends.

Sunday up and atom off to church and Lindsay came with us.  So excited she really enjoyed it.  I would love for Forest Hill to be her church home. I really think she could grow spiritually with the church.  She said she liked it so we will see.  After church Savannah and I headed to Tyler Newell’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.  That was Savannah’s first experience with this place and she LOVED it.  Of course she wanted to ride the same ride 100 times but that’s ok too.  Again it was great to see everyone.  So funny our get together’s use to be celebrating someones birthday with dinner and drinks now its about the kids and chuck e cheese..hahaha we have come a long way.  After the party we headed home and it was nap time.  After nap we hung out and played daddy watched the games then it was off to bed.

Monday.. Cold rainy Monday.  Mercy was sick today so Savannah and I were solo and Jeff has been sick today so he laid around on the couch.  I took Savannah to dance class today and she did good.  I really think she is starting to get the hang of it after dance we headed over to the Franck’s to visit with Ella, Jackson & Macon.  Always good to see them.  On our way to the Franck’s I was talking to Savannah about her teachers and I was asking her their names and she was saying Miss Vickie & Miss Lacey and I said they sure are pretty girls Miss Vickie & Miss Lacey and Savannah replies “just like you mommy”.  It’s moments like that , that make you forget all the “I’m gonna pull my hair out moments” you have as a mommy.  I knew that sweetness would come back even if it is in bits and pieces I will take it.  Half way thru the 2’s and praying the 3’s are a breeze..

Janurary 17th, 2012


Happy Tuesday!! Savannah had a great day today!! Mommy got up early and was able to get ready BEFORE she woke up.. It seems like when I get up early she has some type of internal time clock that says’ “Mommies Up”. We had a great morning.. No melt down’s or anything wow I could get spoiled.

Off to pre-school. Savannah insisted on wearing her big girl panties to school. If you are a mom you know how big this is. The only reason I havent done this before now is because I hate for the teachers to have to worry about changing her clothes if she has an accident. It’s not like they don’t have enough to do. But I let her do it and she was Successful!! YAY Savannah!!

Mommy headed to bible study after drop off. Today was our serve day where we go to a local Retirement community and play games, talk & sing with the residents. I LOVE it. Today was great! We go once a month and I think the residents really enjoy it when we come. They may not all remember us but the time we are there they all come to meet with us. Looking forward to next month when I lead the group. Now to come up with an activity . Suggestions welcome.

On a sad note. The little girl we have been praying for Claire has passed away. She was 2. My heart is so heavy for her parents. I can’t begin to imagine what they are going thru. Life is so short. Hug your kids and tell them you love them. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

After Savannah and I got home it was a nice day out so we played outside for while before nap then after nap we headed out for a walk with NiNi. I am really trying to cut back on the TV. It’s so easy to just turn it on to get things done but it’s becoming a little to easy.

Now her and daddy are up in her room getting ready for bed. As I said before she has insisted on Daddy putting her to sleep because he lets her watch an episode of Dora before bed and now as I sit here and type I am watching them argue over its time for her to go to bed.. haha. Funny when it happens to him but not me. And she is up. Mommy is going to eventually have to go up there. You know this right?? I always have to go up. But that’s ok too. I kinda like being the last one to put her down.

Now she has gotten out of bed and turned her light on. Now she is making a run for the bed because daddy is coming back in. He’s turned the light back off and tucked her in “I want my mommy, daddy” of course.

Well I guess I better end it here duty calls.