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So behind AGAIN…


Well a lot has happened since my last entry and I am mad at myself for not documenting better.  Halloween has come and gone Savannah had blast Halloween morning we went to the boo breakfast at the nature museum and she loved it.

Halloween Ballerina

Halloween Ballerina

They had all the Animals out and for some reason she loved the Madagascar Hissing Cock Roaches. YUCK!!  She never even Flinched when they crawled up her arm.. lol

Boo Breakfast

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

They had a lot of the animals out that day! Snakes, Texas Pete the turtle, The skunk they were all there and she had a ball.  So glad we went.

Later that night she got dressed up again and we went trick or treating thru the neighborhood it was a lot of fun. For this costume she wanted to be a witch she wore the ballerina outfit for me 🙂

Halloween 2011

Miss Witchy Poo

The Witch & The Pirate

Savannah & Jimmy

We also went to the Cedarwood Halloween Bash!!  Lot’s of fun!  Daddy loves the scary

The Hayride 2011

Daddy's Little Girl Run here come the scary monsters...


The Kids

All the kiddies

Well I guess that catches me up thru Halloween I will try to get thru Thanksgiving tomorrow and get this new years resolution started early!!  And Mercy come’s back tomorrow!! yay me.. She has been gone the whole month of December and it has made me appreciate her even more than I did before!! Nite..