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Oyster Festival 2011


Well this year the weekend Justin turned 21 I talked to family into going to the beach and checking out the Oyster Festival at Ocean Isle Beach.  I thought it would be a good family tradition we could start with Savannah.
The boys couldn’t make up their mind if they were going to bring someone so I invited my good friend Tiffany.

Visiting with the Neighbors Dogs Salty & Nick

So Savannah, myself and Tiffany loaded up the car after pre-school on Thursday and headed to the beach.  We were so excited to get out of Charlotte for a little while.

Can I get in the Water?

Friday Morning we woke up and headed for a walk on the beach.. Savannah Loves the beach and So Does Jessi.

Jessi on the Beach

Late Friday the boys arrived.  Jordan brought along his roommate Jake and Saturday night Justin’s girlfriend Kara came over to celebrate Justin turning 21.  We woke up Saturday morning and headed to the festival.  It was your typical NC festival.  Fried food, Crafts and lots of people watching.

Catching a ride with Daddy! Hangin at the festival

Always a pony ride at the festivals

After a Day at the oyster festival we headed back to the house for naps, baths’ and getting ready for dinner.  We had a great cook out that night Daddy ‘s famous crab boil and lots of good fellowship.  Ed, Tina, Noel, Martha, Bobby, Angie, Justin, Kara, Jordan, Jake, Tiffany, Bob, Victoria, Me, Jeff and Savannah.  It was an awesome night to share with Justin turning 21.  Yea Justin.