Apple Party


Happy Thursday!!

We have just finished a full month pre-school and we are tear free at drop off and pick up.. Yay Savannah…

Her class had an apple party today.  This month they have introduced the color red and I guess since apples tend to be red they had an apple party.  Everyone was to wear red.  And being the fashionista of the house she had to have something with apples on it.  Just let me tell you how are it is to find a cute anything with apples on it.  Thank goodness for Etsy.. I found a super cute skirt with apples that was made and delivered by Tuesday.. Thanks . Check our her stuff it’s great.

As we walked into pre-school one of the teachers from another class stopped and said Hi Savannah..she explained she was the teacher from next door she just loved Savannah.  I think that is Awesome that a teacher from another class knows who she is hopefully she is noticed by her manners and sweet smile.

After pick up today we headed to the grocery store to pick up dinner. Lasagna night..  Yum. It turned out great! If I may say so myself.  Savannah didn’t really care for it but I don’t think she cares for beef..  She doesn’t like hamburgers or spaghetti with meat sauce sooo maybe not a beef eater time will tell.

Nothing to exciting today..When I asked Miss Mary Ann if Savannah used the potty she said yes they tried and Savannah had to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star to her while she was on the potty..hahaha Gotta love it.

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