Playing Catch up

Let’s Go Panthers

When I started this blog I had good intentions of updating it everyday and now I have fallen behind so it is time to catch up.

Let’s see we took Savannah to the Panthers game 2 weeks ago and she loved it. Of Course we only made it to half-time but that’s ok..  We still had a great time..

 We went to Lily’s 4th birthday party! Savannah was feeling a little under the weather but we made an appearance..  We are so lucky to have such great friends that have children that are around the same age as Savannah.  It comforts me to know that when we are together we will all love each others children as our own. It’s a nice feeling.
Potty training is still clicking right along. I have let go of the stress of “you have to be potty trained” and focused more on “well she won’t be wearing a diaper when she is 15 and if she is that will be her problem”.lol.  The other day Jeff and I were in the kitchen talking with Justice and I noticed that Savannah had disappeared to the other room.  When I went to look for her she was in the bathroom.  She had taken off her pull-up and skirt. Climbed up onto the potty with the seat cover and pooped all by herself.  I was happily shocked.  I thought is this it?? Is she just going to start doing this from now on?? Nope no such luck.  But at least she is telling me more and more when she has to go.  So if I have any suggestions for potty training it would be don’t sweat it.  It’s true when they say it will happen when it happens.
Recently I have also been trying to get rid of the paci.  I know I know I know it should have been gone a long time ago but it’s her thing.  I have cut it back to nap time and bed time which works as long as she is not left alone with her daddy.  He is no help with this situation. One “can i have my paci puleeeeeesssee” and he is sucked in. I see a paci boot camp in her near future.
Pre-School has been going much better.  We walk in on our on and Tuesday was the first time I dropped her off and picked her up and there were no tears!!! Yea Savannah!! We had picture day last week and all I could think was picture day for a 2-year-old?? Really?? But I was excited and dressed her up and off to school for picture day we went.

Pre-School Picture Day 2011

Hopefully they will come out good.
I just love this pre-school she goes to I can already tell in just a short time the lesson’s she is learning are sticking.  She came home singing her prayer the other day.  .
She continues to amaze me at the things she retains.
I noticed the other day when I picked Savannah up at pre-school they were letting them drink out of regular cups instead of the sippy cup.  So I was thinking I might have to try this.  Later on that night at dinner time I thought I would give it a shot.  So I poured her milk in a cup and put it the table.  I told her to please be careful it didn’t have a lid to which she proceeded to put her hand in the milk.  I said Savannah you don’t put your hands in your milk to which she replied “it’s not your problem mom” did I mention she was 2.  Lord help me.  Needless to say the milk got poured back into a sippy cup we’ll try that at another date.  One thing at a time one thing at a time..
hmmmmm… I think that is it..Oh wait As I mentioned before Savannah loves to sing and her new favorite song is Forget You (the glee version) she calls it the “why babe” song. haha.. “can i hear why babe mom”. It’s hilarious.
And of course we have had to listen to it 50 million times and now we are watching it on you tube.. But I love it.  It makes her happy so I’m happy.
Now today.  Mercy came this morning and we headed to swim class with priss and she continues to progress.  It’s so funny when we first got moved up to baby otter 3 Mr. Stuart told us all the things our children were going to do and I remember Heather and I looking at each other like….ok yeah sure they will go under by themselves, sure they will dive down and get those animals from the second step, sure they will float on their back, sure they will leave independently from the wall and swim to the island.  Guess what she’s doing it.  So proud of her.
Savannah Smiles
Underwater Smiles

Sweet girl. I had someone say to me the other day that she was the happiest baby they had ever been around.  Which I took as a huge compliment.  Don’t get me wrong she has her days but she wakes up with this smile on her face everyday.  I love her so much.

And with that I will end this very long blog and try to be more diligent about keeping it everyday.
Blog ya soon.

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