A Fathers Love….


Growing up this is one thing I really missed out on.  I, unfortunately, grew up in a home where daddy decided to check out instead of in.  I didn’t know until I was in the 5th grade that the man who claimed to be my father was not.  Don’t get me wrong it was a relief to know that the step-monster that I was living with was not my dad and that even though my biological father was not around he was still out there.  It was like renewed hope.

I hoped that one day he would come and rescue me and take me away from the horrible place I was living.  It never happened.  But it’s ok it made me a stronger person and through opportunities in life I got myself out and I have never looked back.

Flash forward 24 years later..  I am sitting in my living room with my beautiful daughter and my wonderful husband watching them dance around in circles to The Fresh Beat Band “Here we go”.  Can I just tell you how much my heart swells to watch my husband love my daughter.  It is unlike any love or happiness that I have ever experienced.  He loves her. Which makes me love him even more.

Every night we have our same routine.  Dinner, Play, Bath, PJ’s, snuggle on daddy’s lap for one last episode of Bubble Guppies (her new favorite show) before  a story and bed.  I treasure these daddy daughter moments just as much as they do.  Not having that father figure in my life I know how important it is to have his presence in her life .

Father’s are supposed to be there.  To protect, teach and love.. To pick you up when your down to say yes when mommy says no.  When you create a child that child doesn’t get an application of where they want to be born they are just born. Then it is up to us as parents to give them all they need.  To all the dad’s out there that are involved who work hard to provide and love their kids you are appreciated..  Just in case you didn’t know and havent heard it lately Thank You from your kids.  It is a gift that will always be treasured.  Nothing can every replace the love of a father.

Although I still have not been able to meet my father I still have the hope that one day he will find me.  I don’t need saving anymore but I still need his love.

Have a great weekend!


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