First Day of Pre-School


Well we have been prepping for this day for months. I had hoped it would go well with the drop off and pick up but we cried.  Yes We.  We did good walking in, we did good waiting to go in our classroom, we did good walking in with the other little girl, we did not do good when it was time to say goodbye.  She started getting upset so I gave her a hug and a kiss and was out the door.  I made it to the car and the tears flowed.  When your heart is walking around outside of your body and your heart gets sad being strong and walking away is the last thing you want to do.

I am sure she will be fine once class gets started and when she realizes that I will be back to get her but dang it’s never easy to see them cry.  I think this is an awesome opportunity for Savannah to grow and learn in an amazing christian atmosphere.  Hopefully she will make friends she will have for a lifetime.  I know she Dress for Successdoesn’t realize it now but this is a new chapter in her life of many to come.

So with that in mind I set out for the next 4 hours to try to keep busy and not think about her crying.  I opted for yoga as it is the one thing I can do and completely focus on the task at hand.  I took a longer class timing it so that when I was done I would be time to pick up princess. So with yoga behind me I went to get Savannah.  Unfortunately she was crying when I went to pick her up. And the ache I felt in my heart was unlike any pulling I have ever felt.  I felt the tears well up in my eyes and I had to turn away to get myself together.  Even though I know in my heart this is a great place for her you never want to see your children sad.  They said she didn’t cry all day and she actually did pretty well.  The first day is always the hardest.  So with the first day behind us we have a break until she goes back.  I am hoping Thursday goes better.  Although I did hear her say. “I don’t want to see my friends” in between sobs.. lol..  Here’s to hoping she warms up to pre-school. Wish me luck.

About theparkersperher

Compassionate, Caring and forgiving.. I love music, Yoga and Dave Matthews Band. I have been married for 6 years and have a beautiful daughter named Savannah.. She truly makes me smile everyday. I have two handsome sons Justin and Jordan that I love as my own and Life is good. I have started this blog to track our daily life. I have a terrible memory and I want to have something Savannah & the boys can look back on and enjoy!

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  1. Aw!! “I don’t want to see my friends” – ha! I can just hear Jackson saying something like that. I know she’s going to love it and can’t wait to hear about all the fun she’s going to have and learn. And I bet she’ll love it that you’re the Room Mom – until she’s in the 7th grade… HA!

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