Good Morning Thursday!!  Rise and shine it’s playdate time. I think it is so important to plan playdates for your child.  I feel like when children are young it’s up to the parents to arrange playdate’s so that they have friends that will grow with them.  I am personally very lucky that I am surrounded by friends who have children around the same age as Savannah. So I try my best to plan playdates with them at least once a month.  Today we went to the Franck’s my very good friend Sonja (Super Mom) as I like to call her Jackson 4, Ella 2, Macon 6 months.  I have known Sonja for over 20 years and I never thought that we would share parenting tips.  I so look forward to our children spending time together and I get to get extra kisses too.  So today I loaded priss pot up stop by the bakery to pick up some cupcakes for the kiddies and headed on over to their pool.  I had every intentions of cooking brownies myself but the bakery does a much better job..haha.  We pulled up in the drive-way and they were ready to go.  So Jackson jumped in the car with  Savannah and I and we went to the pool.  The weather was perfect. The pool was awesome.  There was a 1 1/2 foot pool area for the little kids and it was perfect! So while they played Sonja and I chit chatted. Well as much as you can chit-chat with one eye on the kids. We broke for lunch and played a little while longer after the kids ate.  As nap time drew near we rounded up the kids and headed back to the house.  All in all it was a GREAT day!  LOVE LOVE LOVE my Frank babies..  They are sweet, kind and beautiful.   I look forward to watching them grow!

About theparkersperher

Compassionate, Caring and forgiving.. I love music, Yoga and Dave Matthews Band. I have been married for 6 years and have a beautiful daughter named Savannah.. She truly makes me smile everyday. I have two handsome sons Justin and Jordan that I love as my own and Life is good. I have started this blog to track our daily life. I have a terrible memory and I want to have something Savannah & the boys can look back on and enjoy!

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  1. OMG! My first time being “featured” in a blog! 20 Years – wow. That’s amazing! Who would have thought all those years ago that one day we’d have daughters days apart? What an unbelievable blessing. We love every minute spent with y’all as well and are looking forward to all the many play dates to come. Ella loves this picture! Every time she sees it she says “Savannah!” but it sounds like “Santa!” Kisses!!

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