Twas The week before Pre-school…


Tuesday Tuesday.. I have deemed this Savannah and Mommy day (today)..  Mercy has started back teaching so we will be soloing it this week till she starts her 2 a day pre-school classes..  I had a fun day in store for us too!!!  I woke up early got ready an anxiously awaited for sleeping beauty to arise. Once she was up we ate a quick breakfast and we were out the door. I had purchased us some tickets to a play at the children’s Theater called “ut oh”. It was a special performance for children birth to three.  We were super excited, well at least I was, haha. This was her first play and I couldn’t wait to see if this was a good idea or a bad one. And as it turned out it was a GREAT idea.  We got there kinda early so we wouldn’t have any problems with parking and went right in. They had set up some blocks for the kids to play with while we waited and one of the actors was out there to interact with the kids.  Savannah was a little hesitant at first which kinda surprised and worried me.  She usually just jumps right in.  My worry is because she starts pre-school next week and I don’t want her to be afraid. So anyway we went in to the theater and there were 2 actors that did a small skit and she sat right there and watched them.  She did want to get up there and play but she waited patiently.  All in all it was an awesome experience.  After the play we met daddy for lunch at Red Rocks Cafe and it was yummy.. Love their spinach salad.  Priss was out by the time we got home…

So as I said this is the week before pre-school and we are getting excited.  Saturday we get to go and see Savannah’s room and meet her teacher.  She has been talking about it all week.  “I’m going to pre-school”.. I just hope that excitement continues as she see’s me drive away and leave her at pre-school.  Everything I ever introduced Savannah to I have never worried or questioned how she may or may not like it.  I’ve always just went in with a positive attitude and she seems to just roll with the flow.  I have kept a positive attitude towards this pre-school thing but now I’m getting all these weird emotional feelings.  What the hell?? This is going to be an awesome experience for her  and she is going to love it.  I’ve got to quit asking myself “but what if”.  It’s only 2 days a week get a grip mom.  So with all that said I’m not sure who is going to struggle more me or her. I’ll let you know.

On another note GREAT day of potty training. We didn’t pee pee in our diaper till very late in the day.  Even at lunch she told me she had to go to the bathroom and actually did. yea Savannah!! She is doing a good job at this potty training thing.  Just like the books say when they are ready they are ready.

So that is the excitement for today.. We are all off to bed and ready for another adventure tomorrow.


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  1. Ah!! You like my name suggestion!! I am honored (and proud of myself too!) This is awesome. I’m so glad you posted this so I’d know you’re doing it. And this will be a great way to keep up with Miss Priss. Love that you had Red Rocks today since you didn’t get it Saturday, and YAY Savannah on her potty training. Ella insisted on sleeping in her underwear last night and 4am was a five alarm fire drill with Jackson sounding the alarm that “ELLA’S CRYING!” when she wet the bed. Good times… And I’m so proud of you for getting Savannah started in pre-school. She’s going to love it and it’s going to be so good for her! Two days a week is perfect. That said, I’ve already got my box of tissues picked out for when I take Jackson on the 29th. Adding you to my Google Reader now!

  2. Congrats on entering the blogging world! even if you’re doing it just for yourself it’s fun to read back what you’ve written. Keep it up. BTW if you want to read a really good mommy/family blog check out she links to others from her blog as well that I love. Your daughter is adorable:)

    • Thanks.. It’s been something I have wanted to do for a while.. Just haven’t made the time and now that my daughter is almost 2 and I do good to remember what I did an hour ago It was time to put it in writing..I to be able to reflect back on all the great little things.. I will check Kelle’s blog out. Thank you for your comment and suggestions they are appreciated. And thanks your daughter is beautiful as well. they are so much fun!! Well at least 99% of the time.. right?? lol Have a great rest of the week!

    • I concur! Kelle’s blog is amazing and inspiring. Such a good mom and photographer! I’ll never forget the night I read her birth story about her second daughter. Have your Kleenex nearby.

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