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Early to rise.. Makes for a very long day


Morning Tuesday… At 6:15am.. The sounds of mommy, mommy, mommy ring thru the monitor.  Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in the only Family Guy Sitcom I have ever watched.  You know the one where stewy (i think that’s his name) keeps saying Mommy, Mom, Mama, Mummy, Joyce, Mamma, and on and on..So I start thinking  Ugh Really 6:15.. Maybe she will go back to sleep.. NOT.  So I climb up the stairs to her room and get her out of her crib to rock her back to sleep and she says “I wanna snuggle with mommy”… This is her new stall static.  So being the sucker I am (how could I resist that) we go back downstairs and snuggle up till about 7am.. So much for a good day at pre-school. Gonna be a long one..  She was a little whiny all morning.   Didn’t want to eat, Didnt want to sleep, didn’t want to let me suck the boogies out of her nose but then again who would want to do that.  lol..

So with our whiny morning behind us we head to pre-school and she cried..  Momma‘s gotten tougher this week though and after the morning I had I was like oh no sista your  going to pre-school..haha.. So we headed in the door and to my surprise she actually reached for the teacher and quickly ceased crying.. YEA!!

That behind me I headed off to yoga at yogaflex.  I started practicing yoga after Savannah was born.  And I have to say it has truly changed my life.  I have found an awesome studio to practice in and the instructors are awesome.  I still have a long way to go but I am looking forward to the challenge.

After Yoga I headed home to shower and clean out the dreaded refrigerator. Fun Times.  Picked Savannah up at pre-school and to my great surprise Savannah came walking thru the hall holding the little rope leading the children back to the class room.  Not a single tear in her eye.  She was sooooo cute.  They marched back into the classroom she sat down ate her snack then was dismissed to go home.  All in all I would consider this a successful day!!

Now it’s off to bed.


Kids say the darnedest things.


Happy Monday!!  What a great weekend. Hurricane Irene didn’t blow us or our beach house over so we are very thankful.  Last night all the neighbors came over and we sat around the pool with a glass of wine and relaxed from a very long week of school starting back.  We are so lucky to have such great friends that live on the street.  Never a dull moment.

When I started writing this blog I started it with the intentions of keeping a record of our daily life and putting down in text all the milestones, funny sayings and good times that we share.  So with that in mind let me catch up on a few Savannahism’s..

1. Mom: Savannah look at that pretty waterfall

   Savannah: It’s not a waterfall mom its a fountain.

2. Mom: Savannah (after her first day at preschool) are you ready to go back to preschool and see your friends?

    Savannah: No. I don’t want to see my friends (through sobs).

3. Mom: Savannah why are you being so ugly today? Mommy needs you to be a good girl

    Savannah: (on the phone with her aunt kimi) No I’m not playing with mommy I’m being ugly.

4. Savannah: Mom can I watch bubble guppies?

Mom: Savannah I don’t have the remote.

   Savannah: Hand me the remote Jeff (her daddy)

5. Mom: Savannah did you have sweet dreams?

Savannah: Yes

Mom: What did you dream about?

Savannah: Jesus.

Mom: you did what did he say?

Savannah: He says he loves you.

And these are just the few that I remember.  She cracks me up and she is only 2.  Can you imagine what it’s going to be like at 14??  Ugh..  I can’t wait!! lol

But anyway.. We are off to a great start of the week!! Mercy is back today after being out sick last week.  Mommy got to go back to yoga today.  Habit 21 started over the weekend at my yoga studio and their thinking is it takes 21 days to create a habit.  If you can go to yoga at least 21 days within a 6 week period your habit is formed.  And you get 50% off your next package.  It’s a win win..

Daddy is playing in a golf tournament today and Justin and Jordan are clicking right along at school.  Life is good.


The Unsolicited I love you…



It’s been a crazy week.. Savannah started pre-school and the boys went back to college.  Savannah’s first week was not a complete success she cried when I dropped her off and was crying when I picked her up.. Although they did say she used the potty at school so it wasnt a complete fail.  I know this is tough for her right now but I do believe it will be great for her in the long run.

Justin is back in school and doing well I can’t believe it’s his junior year.  Time flies.. Jordan is starting his sophomore year and as reluctant as he was to go back the first week for him was a lot better than he anticipated.

I am a very affectionate person and I love to express my appreciation and love with hugs and I love you’s.  Before Savannah came along my affections went to my stepson’s.  I have known these boys for most of their life and I love them as if they were my own. But having step-children is not always easy.  I always wanted to make them feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.  I never tried to fill their mom’s shoes and never over stepped my boundaries.  So saying I love you never came easy for us.  I think we all wanted to say it but didn’t want to make the other person feel obligated to have to respond.  There is nothing worse than telling someone you love them and they say Thank You.. So we expressed our love with just hugs and kisses and be safe’s..

So many times after Jeff and I got married we would be sitting in the living room and the boys would leave or go up to bed and say “goodnight dad love you”.. I was like HELLO… I needs some love too.. But I didn’t push it.  Because it needed to come from the heart and not be solicited.

I have tried to show the boys how much I love them by volunteering at their school events.  Making breakfast for a house full of boys or just listening to what they have to say.   Justin is a little more reserved and Jordan is more open to affection.  I remember the first time Jordan told me he loved me.  My heart swelled.  Justin on the other hand took a little longer and I think it was because we were both waiting for the other to say it first.

Over the summer Justin dated this girl and she and I were chatting one day about the boys and I expressed to her how much I cared for them and wanted to tell Justin I loved him but didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable. Her response shocked me.  She said he says the same thing about you. Wow I thought.  How silly.  I can’t believe I have let all this time go afraid to share my feelings with someone who feels the same way.  And from that point on we said it.  And it was easy and it felt good.

Now fast forward to Savannah. She has really brought us closer as a family.  It’s like we all just fit together now all th e awkwardness that I felt before with the boys is gone. She has taught me how to Love them easy.  She is truly a gift from God.  Today we were hanging out and playing in the living room.  She and I were on the floor and Jeff was in his chair.  I was tickling her under her chin and every time I stopped she would say “get me mommy get me mommy”.  So of course I responded with more tickles anything to hear her laugh.  My favorite sound.  So as we were playing she took a breath in between her tickles and said it.  “I love you mommy” and she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug.  My heart melted.. The unsolicited I love you.  The I love you that comes from the heart.  The I love you that comes naturally and easy.  The I love you that you can’t wait to hear from your child.  It is a day I will never forget.

So LOVE your children. Hug them and tell them you love them all the time their response may surprise you.

Watching them grow..


It’s funny how you always hear people say “oh they grow up so fast” and I’m always like hmm hmm I know… Kinda never really took that to heart until after the birth of my daughter Savannah. Don’t get me wrong the first 2 weeks I did not think I was going to make it.  I have never been more sleep deprived in my life.  I remember thinking what have I done??  I don’t know what I expected but I NEVER thought it would be that hard.  Now 2 years later I look back and think I really made it through.  And she is amazing.

When I found out I was pregnant I was in shock.  On my way to work I called my friend Theresa it was Tuesday October 21st @ 6am shortly after I had taken 3 pregnancy test JUST to make sure.  I couldn’t believe it.  How was I going to tell Jeff not sure if he really expected it to happen.  Jeff and i had talked about it and went with a “let’s see what happens” approach and guess what..It happened.  I had scheduled a doctor’s appointment 3 months earlier and it just happen to be on the Friday the 24th.  Funny how that worked out.  I went to my doctor’s appointment that I had originally made to check and see if I was going through early menopause and she laughed and confirmed that I was not.

I left that appointment and immediately started reading everything I could get my hands on.  No more caffeine, Alcohol, deli meat, raw meat, sushi, certain types of cheeses ect..ect… Because of my age at the time of the pregnancy (38) I had to go through all the test to make sure everything was going to be ok and if not how to prepare myself.  I was nervous, happy, scared you name it I felt it.  But one thing i was going to do was educate myself on what’s best for my baby.  I tried to do everything by the book.. Except for the 10 extra pounds I wasnt suppose to gain the pregnancy was perfect.  Every test came back positive every visit was positive.  Text book as my doctor said.

When it was time for the delivery I was anxious.  I wasn’t sure what to expect you know you hear every horror story out there and I had no intentions of having my own.  I started having contractions on Saturday night June 13th woke up around 5am called the doctor and said it’s time.  I didn’t want to spend all day lying around the hospital so I showered, got ready, walked the dogs and woke Jeff up.  We go to the hospital around 7am and I was 6cm at that point. Epidural please.  Once that was received I never felt another thing.  around 1:20pm the doctor came in said it was time to push and at 2:05pm June 14th, 2009 Savannah Jaymes Parker was born.  Wow I am a mommy.

Looking into my eyes...


From that day forward I vowed to give her all the opportunities I never had.  Over the last 2 years I have read, watched video’s, prayed and loved that baby with every ounce of life that i have.  I have watched her grow from being completely dependent to “I do it mommy”.  I wake her every morning with a smile, big hugs and lots of kisses.  I do get frustrated at times but I ALWAYS try to be a positive mommy and show her that the world is good.  I open her up to new experiences as often as possible.  She has a love of life that I hope will stay with her a lifetime.  Her spirit is innocent and good and it complete’s me.

Fast forward 2 years later..

Portrait of Happy

As we embark on this new journey of pre-school I hope and pray that god continues to bless her with Wisdom, Health and Faith. So that when she get’s upset she can be comforted and know that she is loved more than I will ever be able to express.

First Day of Pre-School


Well we have been prepping for this day for months. I had hoped it would go well with the drop off and pick up but we cried.  Yes We.  We did good walking in, we did good waiting to go in our classroom, we did good walking in with the other little girl, we did not do good when it was time to say goodbye.  She started getting upset so I gave her a hug and a kiss and was out the door.  I made it to the car and the tears flowed.  When your heart is walking around outside of your body and your heart gets sad being strong and walking away is the last thing you want to do.

I am sure she will be fine once class gets started and when she realizes that I will be back to get her but dang it’s never easy to see them cry.  I think this is an awesome opportunity for Savannah to grow and learn in an amazing christian atmosphere.  Hopefully she will make friends she will have for a lifetime.  I know she Dress for Successdoesn’t realize it now but this is a new chapter in her life of many to come.

So with that in mind I set out for the next 4 hours to try to keep busy and not think about her crying.  I opted for yoga as it is the one thing I can do and completely focus on the task at hand.  I took a longer class timing it so that when I was done I would be time to pick up princess. So with yoga behind me I went to get Savannah.  Unfortunately she was crying when I went to pick her up. And the ache I felt in my heart was unlike any pulling I have ever felt.  I felt the tears well up in my eyes and I had to turn away to get myself together.  Even though I know in my heart this is a great place for her you never want to see your children sad.  They said she didn’t cry all day and she actually did pretty well.  The first day is always the hardest.  So with the first day behind us we have a break until she goes back.  I am hoping Thursday goes better.  Although I did hear her say. “I don’t want to see my friends” in between sobs.. lol..  Here’s to hoping she warms up to pre-school. Wish me luck.

Meet Your Teacher


Well the day has come!! Today was meet your teacher day at Savannah’s pre-school.  I know what your thinking “it’s not a big deal she’s 2”.  I’ve thought the same thing. I worked in a pediatric dental office and when the mom’s would get all bent out of shape because they couldn’t find an appointment for their 2-year-old after school I would think “THEY ARE 2” what are they really going to miss???  Now I’m that mom. NO appointments during

The day went great!  Mommy, Daddy and Savannah loaded up in the car and headed to Meet the Teacher.  We got there and there were parents and kids scattered all over the place.  We went into our room and got to meet several parents and kids.  Savannah started playing immediately with all the toys.  It was so neat to see her name on her little cubby hole.  Loved it.  I really think she is going to love this place.

I have been assigned the duty of Room Mom..  So excited. Now I am not exactly sure what this entails but I think I am up for the job.  Hopefully all will go well.  I’ll keep ya posted.



Good Morning Thursday!!  Rise and shine it’s playdate time. I think it is so important to plan playdates for your child.  I feel like when children are young it’s up to the parents to arrange playdate’s so that they have friends that will grow with them.  I am personally very lucky that I am surrounded by friends who have children around the same age as Savannah. So I try my best to plan playdates with them at least once a month.  Today we went to the Franck’s my very good friend Sonja (Super Mom) as I like to call her Jackson 4, Ella 2, Macon 6 months.  I have known Sonja for over 20 years and I never thought that we would share parenting tips.  I so look forward to our children spending time together and I get to get extra kisses too.  So today I loaded priss pot up stop by the bakery to pick up some cupcakes for the kiddies and headed on over to their pool.  I had every intentions of cooking brownies myself but the bakery does a much better job..haha.  We pulled up in the drive-way and they were ready to go.  So Jackson jumped in the car with  Savannah and I and we went to the pool.  The weather was perfect. The pool was awesome.  There was a 1 1/2 foot pool area for the little kids and it was perfect! So while they played Sonja and I chit chatted. Well as much as you can chit-chat with one eye on the kids. We broke for lunch and played a little while longer after the kids ate.  As nap time drew near we rounded up the kids and headed back to the house.  All in all it was a GREAT day!  LOVE LOVE LOVE my Frank babies..  They are sweet, kind and beautiful.   I look forward to watching them grow!